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My Favorite Salad Destinations

Da Rosa in Paris.  The Salad Nicoise is like a beautiful little puzzle, where all the parts of a standard Nicoise are separated for you to combine as you like. They use fresh Ventresca tuna, baby gem hearts lettuce and seared red peppers.  The salad is undressed and it truly should stay that way.

Txikito in NY – I crave this “Cogollos” Salad. Similar to Da Rosa’s Nicoise but in a simple way. Little Gem Hearts sitting on top of Ventresco Tuna and topped with Bosque Anchovies. Again, this salad is undressed for a reason. It’s a perfect summer salad.

Bread in NY – In my world, a Salad with Avocado Beetroot and Fennel is the start of a perfect Salad. The Avocado Salad at Bread rivals most good salads. They are not stingy with Avocado and they shave the fennel thin. You have to have olives on the side – completes the whole experience.