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My Favorite Tomato Destinations

This is actually a difficult question as a Tomato dish has more to do with how good the season is, how good the olive oil is and how much the chef is willing to let the fruit shine on it’s own. However, I have come up with a few stellar examples…

Bistro Paul Bert in Paris – Recently, I had a perfect tomato salad at this Parisian institution. It was a simple trio of purple, yellow and red tomatoes with fresh basil, olive oil lots of black pepper and Sel De Mer.

The Kivotos Bar in Mykonos – This drink tastes healthy!  I am honestly not exactly sure how they make it as the bartender is quite secretive with his recipes.  But I do know that there is freshly pureed Tomatoes, Lemon infused vodka, and lots of Tobasco – I think it’s Tobasco?  It’s definatly worth a trip to Mykonos and a stay at the Kivotos just to find out!

Hilton Pool Bar in Tel Aviv – Yes, a pool bar. Every time I have been to Tel Aviv it has been so hot that the only thing I wanted to eat is Gazpacho. This is perfect Gazpacho. Israeli Tomatoes are close to perfect in their own right, but they serve the crunchy vegetables on the side so you can add them in yourself. They also serve it with a big scoop of Labneh and hot sauce if you want it.