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Storing and extending life…

Tomatoes, like Bananas flourish in room temperature and should never be put in the refrigerator.  Literally, they should not sit in temperatures below 54°F / 12°C. This upsets me, the taste of the Tomato and the longevity of it’s shelf life. You can see how unhappy a tomato looks when it sits in the fridge. The color will pale slightly and the skin will wrinkle quickly.

I am not sure where I learned this Tomato trick but it works. (and also it was confirmed by a piece in Cooks Illustrated so it has to be true.) Store Tomatoes STEM SIDE DOWN. This prevents excess air from getting into the fruit and the less air that gets in, the longer your tomatoes will last. Excess air can lead to dehydration, as well as bacteria or mold entering and both of these things shorten its life.  They should last for up to 4 days, and perhaps even over a week. ON the counter!