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Welcome to My Nutritional Adventure

Lora KrulakFor the past ten-or-so years I’ve had the pleasure of working in, traveling through, studying and embracing some of the most interesting cultures around the world. I often get asked how I adapt so quickly, and aside from having a mildly chameleon-like nature I have a simple answer: I seek to understand how the locals eat, where they shop for food and where they drink tea or coffee. My comfort and context comes from understanding the basics of each local culture.

From a corner convenience shop in High Falls, NY to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, every culture has markets and staples.  Among those staples I find not only solace but inspiration. To get a glimpse at what the locals consider daily essentials is to see the basis of what makes up a cultural nutritional and gastronomic core. This is where the adventure begins and how I become acclimated.

My intention is to share meanderings, observations, recipes, photos and videos. Mine has been delicious nutritional adventure so far and I am always happy to share it.

So what is it that I do? I am a chef, nutritional muse, recipe re-creator, explorer and writer. The dishes I create are clean, vegetetable-centric food for omnivores. Re-creating a recipe means accommodating even the most finicky of eaters because, frankly, if there’s a diet or a style or a way of eating, I’ve done it, been there, lost it, gained it and been back around a few times. Everyone should be able to eat anything in the right way. Even cake. (OK, how about gluten-free, sugar-free carrot cake with goat cheese frosting?) My nutritional education comes from self-experimentation, 25 years of eating and dieting, and the study of different modes of healing around the world, as well as traditional sports nutrition. As far as the writing part, well, that’s just always been a dream; now, a reality.

Healthy foods chef, nutritional muse, recipe re-creator, explorer, educator and writer – demystifying the very sexy vegetable along the way…