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Health Benefits of Onions

Again, this is one of those veggies I could write volumes on the benefits of but, safe to say, Onions should find a place in all of our diets. I like to call the bulbs systematic vegetables. Just as they go along with pretty much any food and create a neutral edge, they can help cure or balance almost any ailment, from sexual dysfunction to anemia! (Yes, you did read that correctly.) The Onion’s antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties aid in fighting infections in the stomach and digestive system. There is nothing much better for a cold or respiratory infection than juicing an onion and mixing it with honey. The pungency helps blood circulation and causes a bit of sweating, which helps fight the battle. What I’m most fascinated by is how eating just a half an onion a day can lower cholesterol and prevent bone loss! For me this is great. How a dairy-free vegetarian ended up with high cholesterol is one of life’s biggest mysteries.


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