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My Veggie New York

“Veggie Havens” was the title to a recent, exciting NY Times article about new and not-so-new Veggie-Centric restaurants in New York.  I was ecstatic, since it’s about time others took notice of the abundance of vegetables and scrumptious preparations in and around the city!  Also because it makes my dining out experiences that much easier. As a gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian, restaurant eating can be a challenge. But it’s one I always face with a smile and a big thank you to the sweet waitperson who so kindly negotiates the menu with me.  Following are some of my favorite places to go in the city, where not much negotiating is needed and the result, on or off the menu, is a sumptuous veggie-centric-meal, just the way I like it!

(these are in no particular order)

Del Anima –
This is one of my new favorites. If you can score a table, go. They are very kind about adjusting and negotiating the vegetables, with or without formaggio.

Candle 79 –
The most chic vegan and organic place in town. I have been addicted to the polenta fries for years. If you have not tried it yet, please go.

Morandi –
Heavenly veggies in every style: raw, fried, sautéed and even grilled.  I am crazy about the artichoke a la guida and the butter lettuce salad.

Bread –
This is one of my favorite salad destinations in Manhattan. I hear the pastas are superb too.

This must be best chopped salad in Manhattan. I take it vegan, but they will prepare it with anything you like. There are plenty of veggie sides, like Brussels sprouts (nix the bacon), broccoli rabe, and some of the best frites in the city – mustard for mine please.

Café Mogador –
Fantastic hummus, baba ganoush, beetroot salads, tangine, salads and olives – I could go on and on…. I love their brunches as well.

Casa Mono –
Perfectly cooked minted artichokes and sautéed mushrooms. I could wax on about the menu but the key to this place is asking them to hold the salt!

Pastis –
This place just makes me happy. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I’m back in Paris, or because they have the 2nd most delicious frites in the city. This is an easy-to-negotiate veggie or vegan place.

La Esquina –
I am addicted to the grilled Chile green beans and the chopped salad. If you are a bean eater, the sautéed greens with white beans wrapped in tortillas are delicious!

I keep going back for the butternut squash soup and the salad Nicoise. I love the atmosphere too. If you like tartines, you will love this place!