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New Years thoughts, lists and potions…

New Years detox potion…

Two cute guys recently asked if I make new years resolutions. I quickly replied “never.” But this is not entirely true. Although I don’t make resolutions I do make wish lists, or list of things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. The lists typically stay private – I read them only at the end of the year to see what came true, or what I need to carry over, or what was just silly to begin with. As I reflect on the past year, I’m brought back to the last wish list I made over a year ago (which was read and most likely photocopied by a border control agent – a whole other story, which some know, and some eventually will know when I finish my novel). The honesty of that wish list dramatically twisted my fate in a most unplanned manner, as fate usually does. But I see that it’s been a good, solid year and a half since I put pen to paper and even considered any type of wish list. So I’ve decided it’s time to start all over – to create a new list and move on.

In moving on one must reflect. This has been quite a year for me. I won’t say it’s  been easy.  Nor has it been a year that I’ve traveled the most, though I have traveled quite a bit, but I accomplished more professionally than I have in a long time. I was granted my Carte De Sejour for France, started my blog, hit my twitter followers goal, worked in three countries, finished a draft of my book, and began house hunting. (Yes – it’s time to unpack the storage rooms.)

As I sit here by the beach in sunny Miami and write this, I’m excited about the year to come. And in the spirit of resolutions – starting fresh and moving on – I have posted a mini-cleanse/after New Years detox potion to help day-after recovery go a bit smoother. This also is something to try on a weekly basis, to help you feel fresh and… well, just do a bit of housecleaning, so to speak!

Happy 2011 and may all your wishes come true!

New Years Detox Potion


6 oz beetroot juice
1-2 lemons, juiced
1-2” piece of ginger root, juiced
Large pinch of cayenne pepper (or as much as you can handle)

One full dropper of Milk Thistle tincture (can get at any health food shop)

Pass all ingredients through a juicer and honestly, just down it quickly!

*You will need a juicer, but any health food shop should be able to whip this up for you.