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Lacuma tastes like cookie dough, but it’s not…

I can become mildly obsessive about a new ingredient. I will eat it every day, and this can last for months, even years. I ate the same artichoke purée with fennel and celery slices for lunch almost every day for two years!

Lacuma Nib Sweets rolled in cacao powder…

Lacuma powder has been one of these. I bring it with me almost everywhere and experiment by adding it to just about anything, to see how it blends. Lacuma, a South American fruit of Andean origin, is sold in powder form. Its health highlights are plenty of beta-carotene and B vitamins. Taste-wise it’s slightly sweet, and when mixed with a bit of liquid (I adore it with nut milk) it tastes like cookie dough. I often add it to yogurt to make a pudding out of it, or I’ll mix it with avocado and cacao powder and perhaps some dried mulberries, and that’s breakfast. One day I was playing in the kitchen trying to make a sweet for one of my clients, that was chocolaty and satisfying but gluten and sugar free. Lacuma seemed the natural base and that’s when these little nibbly treats were conceived. A Twitter follower recently asked if there was a gluten and dairy free energy bar on the market that I could recommended. I wish there was. But I was thinking that these little Lacuma treats would make a great energy snack.

So here you go, Twitter girl!  Have fun with these. Perhaps try rolling them in coconut flakes or powdered dried strawberries or even adding almond or maple essence.

I will warn you, keep them in the fridge or the freezer as they may melt in the sun… if they last that long!


The Lacuma Nib batter, ready to blend…

Lacuma Nib Sweets –

½  C Lacuma powder
½ C nut milk (maybe a bit less – also any flavor will do – I use hemp mostly)
¼ vanilla powder (I use a raw one)
2 T cacao nibs
2 t tahini
¼ t cinnamon
large pinch of salt
1 tsp maple or a few drops organic stevia

Putting it all together-
Mix all ingredients together with a rubber spatula, adding the nut-milk last.
Roll into little balls and place in the fridge until set.

Optional step: roll the balls in coconut flakes, cacao powder or both!