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How to Make a Green Smoothie

green smoothies all in a row...

I have happy places and happy things. Happy places are my shortlist of go-to spots that perk me up when a little perk is needed. Whole Foods, the Soho House, yoga class with my teacher Lara Brunn, an impressive farmers market, the sea, my mother’s sofa are a few. Happy things are the same, just in “stuff” form: my Vespa, a green smoothie, avocados with sea salt, artichokes in any form,. When the two converge, well, that’s just a little slice of heaven! Last week, I delighted in teaching a Smoothie Demo to a captive early morning audience at the Soho Beach House in Miami. Not everyone embraces a green smoothie, so I wasn’t quite sure how it would go over. They are a remarkable injection of nutrients that essentially are a blended salad. There’s no way we could chew that many greens. Smoothies are pre-digested food, just like baby food – perhaps that is why Jamba Juice is such a phenomenon. Think of them as green milk shakes, filled with a day’s worth of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, ready to flood your body.

green smoothies all in a row...

But do they taste good? Yes! I love them, and was shocked at how an entire table full of smoothie-demo participants loved them too! More times than not, I’ll toss in an avocado, as it makes the drink smoother and more substantial. Sweet or savory? I like mine savory – like I said, I think of them as blended salads – and add lots of kale and rocket to the mix. But play with the recipe and mix up the fruit or omit it entirely! Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Revolution is a gorgeous book filled with smoothie recipes of all shapes and sizes.

lemons or limes are delicious in the smoothie.

Here’s my basic green smoothie recipe. Oh, sometimes I’ll chop olives or red pepper, sprinkle on top and eat it as a soup. Delicious!

This makes one smoothie:

½ avocado
1/2 lime, squeezed
½ pear
Handful of blueberries (or any berry)
12 oz water (or more if you want a liquidy smoothie)
½ head romaine lettuce, ripped
Handful of spinach (or any dark leafy green like kale, rocket etc.)
Pinch of sea salt
1 packet of NuStevia or drop of honey (optional)

Blend until very smooth