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My Mothers Version of a Bake Sale

It’s normal for kids to be embarrassed by their mothers. I see the same look as I used to have in the eyes of my friends’ kids and I know that they are the most fabulous hot-to-trot mothers around. They are my fiends after all!  Of course, I was mortified and often embarrassed by my mother. Despite her statuesque beauty, magnetic personality and constant, current striking sense of style (on her size 4, 5’10” body). She was the original yummy mummy.  However, bake sales were not her thing. In fact, when it came to actually bringing something to class, even for a class party – she’d often forget. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she neglected my brothers and I, this was just simply not her thing.  However, my mother is a tastemaker, she is one of those people that seems to wave her magic wand at the last minute and everything would come together as if it were always meant to be just that way, and art-directed and designed to do just so. She finds objects and puts them together in inspired, unimaginable ways and they look perfect. Always. So was the way of my childhood bake sales. I remember walking into the classroom with a large bowl of my mothers infamous peanuts-raisins-and-chocolate-chip mixture and a stack of Dixie cups with my head down, embarrassed because all of the other kids brought freshly baked brownies, chocolate chip cookies, muffins and goodies that that I was sure they had baked along with their mothers. I had this bowl of birdseed that my mother tossed together that morning with one hand while she held her coffee in the other.

The mix for a scrumptious mix!

But miraculously, my bowl was empty in the end. I sold every last Dixie-cup filled with the mixture and made more money for the sale than anyone else. Someone even offered to buy the bowl. Everyone begged me for the recipe. My mama did it again. How she pulled these things off always amazed me. One hand with a cup of coffee or arranging artfully arranging flowers, the other doing the mom-stuff, or orchestrating someone else to do it for her.  My original Tastemaker Yummy Mummy – happy Mother’s day. xxx

A big bowl of gourmet nut-mix! (aka, bird seed)

Bake Sale Nut-Mix-Blend

1 bag organic dark chocolate chips
1 lb. organic almonds
½ lb. hazel nuts (or any nuts you desire…)
1 bag organic butterscotch chips
1/2 lb. organic Thompson raisins
1 lb. organic sulfite free cranberries

Put the blend together in a large beautiful bowl and toss.

*Organic m&m’s or peanut chips are delicious in this….