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Chefs and Masters – an introduction.

It started with a crush on my cooking teacher, then after cooking school I moved on to crushes on bartenders. My friends joked that my crushes and dates from there moved up the restaurant ladder, so to speak, from line cook, to sous chef, to chef, to James-Beard-award-winning chef. I admit, I’m awe struck with admiration for this temporal art that chefs and bartenders create each night under immense pressure. Watching a talented chef is like watching dance – it’s poetry in motion.

Listening to chefs and bartenders talk about their craft is enchanting. As they describe each component – why they chose it, where they sourced it, how it will fit in with the other elements of the dish and how that dish may shine on that particular day – it’s like listening to artists describing their art. I am a groupie, it’s true. But a chef’s art is temporary and, in my opinion, subjective and more personal than any other art form. It’s between the chef and the patron and no one else can experience it in exactly the same way. Then, it’s gone.

I’ve felt so privileged interviewing these masters and I have a long list of interviews still lined up. It’s been not only eye opening but extremely educational. I am very grateful for their time and for the recipes they share and for all the tips I’ve learned. I know you will enjoy them all as much as I have.

Please stay tuned for tomorrows post as first up is the masterful Katy Sparks, I know – I am excited too!

{Read the interview with Katy Sparks here.}

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