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Kale Salads and Not Blogging

As anyone involved with social media can attest, daily experiences aren’t just daily experiences anymore. They’re experiences to be tweeted, blogged or pinned immediately, which lends new meaning to the notion of living in the moment. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about all this as I participate in this world, and often find myself saying, “Shoot, I should have tweeted that,” or having my dining companion say to me, “Shouldn’t you be blogging about this?” And then feeling guilty for not doing so.

Lately, I’ve been going through a social media “pull-back.” I’ve had little to no motivation to say much of anything online. I’m not sure if this is the aftereffect of finishing my book, Veggies for Carnivores (due out in September), or the class I’m taking, which is making me think about major overhauls to my business. Either way, I’ve been silent and my cameras have been shut off.

Until today. I stayed home alone with a tummy ache, feeling a bit blue, as my grandmother used to say. But I got hungry and wandered into the kitchen, as cooking ultimately makes me happy. With my stomach in the state it was, miso seemed the perfect ingredient, as it sooths the belly and grounds the mind. Plus we had dragon kale that needed to be eaten, and a box of other greens. I was inspired by the idea of a kale salad. I massaged the kale with miso and garlic-infused olive oil until it got soft, then tossed in the greens and added some shoyu. Poking around, I found some nori, then thought about how much I love the taste of eggs with nori – it’s similar to anchovies and eggs but for those who don’t like or eat anchovies, it’s a clever option.

As I topped the salad with my flawlessly cooked sunny side up eggs I suddenly was inspired to blog, tweet and even perhaps even pin, although I’ve never pinned before… 


 Miso Rubbed Kale Salad



2 handfuls of dragon kale, stems removed
2 large handfuls of mixed greens
2 sheets of nori, ripped into small pieces
1 tsp sweet white miso
1 large splash shoyu (or tamari for gluten free)
1 tsp olive oil (I like garlic infused)
salt to taste
4 eggs


Putting it together

Massage the kale with the miso, then add the shoyu and olive oil and mix well. 

Add the greens and the nori, and toss.

Cook the eggs sunny side up, covering midway to cook the whites and let them fluff.

Divide the greens into two bowls and top with the eggs. 

Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. 

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3 Responses to “Kale Salads and Not Blogging”

  1. I definitely hear you on the ‘blogging’ vs ‘not blogging.’ I seem to go in spurts…and take technology ‘breaks’ frequently. At home, we have a ‘no smartphone/tablet/electronic anything’ rule at the table.

    I do also value the privacy of my life, and the joy that comes from having it – something to yourself and not for the entire world. Also, it’s just too time consuming. I see, skype, or call clients…have meetings to get to…so I limit it. Just twitter and my own blog and a few others I’ll read every now and again. You have to make time to keep up with your own profession (journals, etc..) too!

    I love how nutrition intersects with psychological wellness, and always am sure to actually evaluate my clients physical health (as per their own ‘physical’ with a doc) along with what my clients are eating and ‘doing’ (exercise, etc..) in their initial appointments. Depression, for example, could be due to a simple dysregulated thyroid, and research shows 25% of all cases can be significantly improved by integrating exercise (include cognitive strategies and that number goes through the roof). It goes hand in hand.

    Yours is a blog I hope to check in with every now and again.

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