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Egg Nog Lattes

I love the holiday season. Though the warm Florida sunshine doesn’t bellow that the Christmas season is upon us, it’s the sudden flood of tourists, the Christmas music on the radio and the arrival of the Starbucks Egg Nog Latte that say it best. I thought a lot about the Egg Nog Lattes this year. I’m often drawn to order the Latte but never have and most likely never will. I’ve always wanted to like Egg Nog, as it sounds so romantic but it’s the ingredients that have kept me at bay. So I decided to create my own version this year – one that could be drunk hot or cold, and with or without holiday “cheer.” I even tried it with a few green leaves tossed in the blender. They didn’t alter the taste even slightly, and the drink was so good I felt like I could sneak a few green things past anyone’s nose… Not that I would do that, ever.

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