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10 Tips for a clean start

I love the new year.

It is a chance to start fresh, wipe the slate clean and forge ahead. One popular question at the beginning of each new year is “how can I detox or get healthy?”.

After all of the parties, the dinners and holiday indulgences, everyone wants a fresh start.  Not a huge subscriber to cleansing, I feel if one leads a healthy lifestyle, bit by bit – it builds on itself and you will inevitably become a healthier person.  In much the same way that if you did 5 minutes of abdominal exercises every day – your abs would be strong, developed and they would last. It’s consistency that builds on itself.  Not a diet, nor a resolution, just a new habit.


All that said – I offer you 10 tips to start the new year on a crisp and clean note.  I recommend picking 3 and incorporating them into your daily life.

The idea would be to turn the tips into habits.  If you begin by eating a green salad a day, I promise you will feel better, your skin will brighten and you will want to try more.  When you are doing good things for yourself like eating more veggies and deep breathing every day, you may find that your desire for negative habits (lets say walking and eating) may just fade away…

 10 tips to start the new year off clean

  1. Sit when you eat – Take the time to sit and enjoy your meal. Walking and eating are not compatable.
  2. Eat a green salad a day – We all know you should eat your greens and it is SO easy!
  3. Have a veggie juice each day – These are like liquid sunshine filled with chlorophyll and packed with nutrients.
  4. Eat with friends or loved ones at least once per day – Laughing and surrounding yourself with loved ones changes the focus from just the food to your life. It also makes you a happier person and you will digest better!
  5. Drink at least 2L of pure water each day – Not tap water, pure clean filtered water.
  6. Add 10 minutes of stretching or abdominals (or both) to your day  – Just move every day. No excuses, 10 minutes a day builds on itself.
  7. Take 10 deep belly breaths each morning, before picking up the mobile. – Breathing increases your metabolism and calms you down.
  8. Increase your organic and non GMO consumption.
  9. Flip your veggie to protein ratio – You don’t have to become a vegan to embrace veggies and their tremendous benefits.
  10. Eat real food – no foil packages, just real food that comes from nature.

Have a very happy and healthy new year and a beautiful day!

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