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Portable, practical healthy living . . . AND a GIVEAWAY!

Do you ever wonder how to port your healthy-living habits along when you are running around or traveling?

It is so easy! It just takes a bit of streamlining and finding new tricks.

I was just at Expo West, the Mac Daddy of all natural product shows and my idea of falling into a fluffy organic pillow of shopping heaven—thousands upon thousands of natural and organic products to discover and investigate.

Food shopping and natural food shops have been a favorite pastime of mine for most of my adult life. I can spend copious hours browsing the aisles of obscure health food shops in remote areas around the globe, and I have mastered the art of label reading by being a chronic label reader.

Since I have made it my mission in life to simplify keeping within my healthy living regimen even when on the road or abroad, I am always looking for ways to simplify it even more. This is indeed an art form. Below are some of the exciting new products I found at Expo-West that will make our veggie-centric lives even more streamlined and a lot more portable!

AND, as added joy – each of these incredible companies has offered to give away ONE of their spectacular products below to ONE lucky winner.

The instructions to enter and win the raffle are below.

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The Smash Box

The Smash Box

Veggie Wipes

Veggie Wipes

The amazing Coconut Spray!

The amazing Coconut Spray!


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The Smash Box by Eco Vessel

This is THE portable lunch box I have dreamed about for years.Eco Vessel has answered my prayers! Able to tote salad and veggies anywhere without having to schlep a cumbersome box home OR feel guilty that you chose plastic, this small, retractable eco rubber box is perfect. It does not leek when sealed and it holds the perfect amount of food. The box is chic-looking too. I believe these folks at Eco vessel nailed it and I am in love.

 Environné Fruit & Vegetable Wipes     

To wash or not to wash? I have spent hours debating whether or not to wash organic veggies. I wash at home with water and a veg wash, but when I’m not home and I want to nibble, I am in a quandary. I have often found myself using organic baby wipes to wipe veggies and rinsing them with water. But no more! Environné has come to the rescue with portable, totable, fruit and veggie wipes in a resealable package that fits in a small handbag. These wipes are made with all natural cleansing agents like water, coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract. I have used an Environné product in the past in the spray form and it’s fantastic. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see this same great product in a wipe. Can you see me virtually jumping up and down?

Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking Spray –

I was drawn to this oil because of the elephant on the packaging (I wear an elephant charm on my neck), but I fell in love with it because of its purity and taste. Erin, the “Chief Coconut,” created a brilliant spray can for her oil. This bottle serves a multitude of purposes by spraying thin layers of coconut oil on a cookie sheet, veggies or popcorn.  My coconut oil spray bottle has even become my body lotion—it’s that pure.

Erin also packs her oil in little travel-sized pouches, which is perfect because we ALL need a small container of coconut oil with us when we travel.Thank you Ms. Coconut! [/column]

Lora’s Tweetable: I am of the belief that if you can eat it you should be able to wear it, and vice versa.

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Instructions for the giveaway raffle!

NOTE; This raffle is now closed! 

By Monday April 15th, do the following THREE things:

1)   Sign up for my updates – you will get a personal letter from me every time I post with recipes and tips that only subscribers receive. (if you are already signed up than you just have to do step 2 and 3. I would NEVER leave you out!) 

2)   “LIKE” EcoVessel , Environné and Kalapo on FACEBOOK  so you can hear all about the exciting new things that are happening with each of these innovative companies.

3)   AND, leave a comment below. I would love to hear about any new product you have found to streamline your portable life!

Our ONE lucky raffle winner will be announced on Tuesday April 16th