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Natural sugar for the sweet tooth in all of us

Do you find yourself avoiding sugary things?

Do you feel proud toward the end of the day that you abstained from any sugar only to find yourself indulging in an entire bag of organic licorice later? Gosh I have. More than once!

Maple syrup, favorite natural sugar.

Maple syrup, favorite natural sugar. photo Rebecca Cobb



Sugar is not a BAD thingnatural sugar, that is.

In small quantities, natural sugar is good for you as it is super high in vitamins and minerals. Maple syrup, for example is filled with calcium, iron and manganese – we need these minerals; and contrary to myth, milk is not the highest source of calcium.


I don’t know about you, but if I have a sweet tooth, that is left unattended, I may venture off to a bad place (like in the land of a bag of organic licorice, just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it’s “free”).


What is natural sugar?

Natural sugar, otherwise known as unrefined sugar, has not been processed. It is the sweetener you know in its most natural form. It’s best to stick with the unrefined, natural sugars that have not been altered and are presented to you the way nature intended. And when it comes to honey, raw is always best.

In this video I discuss my short list of favorites. I’ll mix them up in baking and switch them around in coffee or tea. Below the video is an exciting giveaway! So scroll down and have a look –


Voila!– my favorite forms of natural sugar.


Maple Syrup

This familiar-tasting sweetener blends easily in a cold drink. It will add a deep flavor to any sauce or dressing and when used as a substitute for refined sugar (as in baking). Just replace ½ the sugar called for in the recipe with ½ maple syrup and ½ coconut sugar – you will LOVE the results!


Coconut Sugar(Also called palm sugar)

Rich in potassium and iron, this natural sugar is similar in taste to brown sugar, and just a hint of molasses. It can be easily substituted for any sugar in any recipe.


Raw Honey

Always look for raw and organic. This natural sugar can be healing and is good for you if you have allergies.



Some people love stevia, some think it is bitter. Stevia is the only non-caloric sweetener that is actually natural and comes from a plant. Look for one without added ingredients.



Whole dates can be soaked and used to bind ingredients together OR to sweeten. The subtle, rich flavor is super high in minerals such as potassium and iron. The date water can also be used for smoothies or tea. Great for experimenting!


NuNaturals Stevia GIVEAWAY!

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