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A Well Stocked Pantry

Much like how we arrange our closets, certain staples and base foods are essential to make cooking easier.
They are needed to enable a kitchen to function smoothly.

the first step to a well stocked pantry

the first step to a well stocked pantry

Everyone should have a well stocked pantry complete with veggies in order to cook lunch or dinner on the fly.

I don’t often use the term “stocked pantry,” because I never had one. A pantry is technically a room to put food in and as a New Yorker, I was lucky to have a room to put myself in, let alone my food. So I came up with the term “base ingredients” not because I have to be different, but because it made sense to me. They were often the base of my meals or the base of what I was going to cook from or the base of what I really needed. Pantry never made sense to me, because I never had one. I know I said that already—I’m looking for a little sympathy here.

That said, “base ingredients” in our home are always stocked with “ready to wear” items that I can whip into a meal in moments. Contrary to how it MAY appear, I am not a fan of spending a lot of time in the kitchen unless I am cooking for others, so I always want to make sure that even if I don’t have fresh veggies, I can cook something in a flash and my base ingredients must always be on hand.

My theory is that the most important tool in a kitchen, beyond a good knife, is a good supply of high quality ingredients.

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That means buy the best you can afford and always go for local and organic, no chemicals, no excuses. This may sound hardcore, but at the end of the day, who looks and feels fabulous over 40? Got it?

Please don't look at my mustard collection...

Please don’t look at my mustard collection…

You always want to keep your BASE foods stocked and ready so there are plenty of options for meals to make at home. Frozen veggies and dried seaweeds are the key to this equation. I know that when all else fails, I can whip up a seaweed salad, or sweet pea soup with chunky veggies—and I ALWAYS keep plenty of veggie broth for soups. Miso is a good option as well; there is NO need for packaged miso soup. 1 tablespoon of white miso in a cup with a nori sheet is what they charge you $5 for in a restaurant and yours will be much better because you can add kelp noodles, since you keep them on hand all the time. 🙂

So here you go my lovelies!

My magic BASE FOOD list

(or stocked pantry list, if you will) of what I keep on hand all the time:

(Please note that this list does not include fresh veggies, fish or anything like that – but I do keep those on hand as well, and I shop for those every other day.)

AND in the comments below – I would love to hear what BASE FOODS you like to have on hand at all times. I always love learning more about you… 

All items are as organic as possible

Freezer Items

Frozen veggies
Sweet peas
Sprouted tortillas
Ezekiel bread
Ezekiel corn tortillas
Ezekiel English muffins
Frozen berries (for smoothies)
Frozen fruit (for smoothies)

Powders and Super-foods

Buku protein powders
Lacuma powder
Cacao powder
Cacao nibs
Vita-mineral greens
Dried mulberries
Dried bananas
Dried goji berries

Cereals, Grains and Pastas

Rolled oats (GF)
Ewhorn buckwheat cereal
Teechia cereal (varietiy)
Sprouted quinoa (black and red)
Quinoa flakes
Brown rice
Black rice
Pamela’s baking mix
Brown rice flour
Millet flour
Coconut flour
Sorghum flour
Buckwheat flour
Quinoa flour
Spelt flour
DeBoles rice and Golden flax linguini
Jovial brown rice noodles
Andian dream quinoa pasta
Ezekiel sprouted grain pasta
Sea triangle kelp noodles

Pantry items

Pacific organic vegetable broth
365 Organic tomato sauce
FIG food organic chic peas
FIG food organic lentils


Main Coast Sea Vegetable


Fridge Items

Seeds and Nut butters (raw)
Flax seeds
Sesame seeds (white and black)
Almonds (raw)
Walnuts (raw)
Pumpkin (raw)
Hemp seeds (raw)
Artisana tahini
Artisana hemp butter
Glaser farms black tahini
Hot sauce
Raw goat cheese


Teas and Drinks

Harmless Harvest coconut water
Assorted loose teas
Almond milk
Guarke mate
Sencha green
Edible Green
English breakfast
Nighty night
Pao d’arco
dried sage tea
(various other medicinal teas)


Know someone who may need a pantry list? Then share this with them!

Desserts and Sweets

Alter Eco chocolates
Nib Mor chocolates
Organic sorbet
Omega Creamery Ice Cream
Three Twins Ice Cream
Assorted Go Raw cookies
Genny Bakes Cookies


Crofters organic fruit spread
Maille Dijon mustard’s (4 or 5 flavors)
Cold pressed organic olive oil
Miso Master White miso
Apple cider vinegar
Umeboshi plum vinegar
White balsamic vinegar
Rice wine vinegar
Spectrum Hemp oil
Spectrum Flax oil
San-J Tamari
Ohsawa Shoyu
Maple syrup
Eden Foods Mirin
Various types of salts
Kelepo Coconut oil
Fee Brothers bitters


Nu Stevia – stevia
Coconut sugar
Raw honey
Brown rice syrup
Maple butter