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How To Make Cold Press Coffee

The key to cold press coffee is not to brew it but to filter it.

cold brew coffee

cold press coffee

Coffee carries a heavy stigma. I happen to LOVE and adore the sexy smell of coffee brewing in the morning, and often wish I was a coffee drinker. Well, not really. I was a coffee drinker and it ruled my life. I’ll retract that statement and tell you why I did eventually quit coffee and what I don’t like about it:

1) The up and down highs it gives you

2 ) Watery American coffee

3) The negative effects of coffee like adrenal fatigue, the jitters, and coffee breath.

However, as it is with everything, a little creativity and thought will provide a way to create a recipe that enables you to re-introduce something you love into a healthy home. We don’t have to give up everything we love just because we want to “be healthy”. Life is about balance—not about deprivation.

There is an old southern preparation called Cold Filter or Cold Press Coffee and it is super delicious. The result of a cold filter is generally much smoother and sweeter tasting than a classic hot brew. By cold filtering the coffee, there is no bitterness, less caffeine and practically no acidity. Our bodies don’t like acidity, as that is the root of most if not all, disease. Now I am not saying run out and start replacing water or green veggie juice with cold brew coffee—I am only saying that if you are going to drink coffee, this is the way to go.

But back to my cold filtering process.

The coffee is steeped like a tea, only it is steeped overnight to make a coffee concentrate. I make mine in large Mason jars. Amazon sells contraptions to make it, but I kinda think that is a silly waste of money. If you feel the need to spend the money, send me the $30 and I’m happy to send you a diagram :).  I did learn a trick from an old-school NY Deli man (they used to make the best cold coffee, BTW). He said to only use plastic lids on the Mason jars, as the metal ones will alter the flavor, and also cover the jars with towels to keep the temperature consistent and let the brew steep at an even pace.

cold filter coffee

cold filter coffee smoothie

So, my friends, indulge in an ice coffee smoothie or two while summer is still upon us—or warm the coffee concentrate with hot water or warm almond milk and cardamom for a cardamom coffee. There is so much one can do with a Cold Press…

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Cold Press Coffee


Coffee of your choice (organic is best)

Good,filtered water (I never use tap)

1 gallon Mason jars with plastic lids

Several cotton tea bags

Towels for covering jars

Ice cube trays


  1. Fill 3 empty tea bags with ground coffee and place the bags in the jar.
  2. Pour the water over the bags, filling the Mason jar with cold filtered water
  3. Cover the jar with lid, cover with towel and let sit overnight or up to 24 hours
  4. Remove extra floating grounds by straining through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth.
  5. Keep in fridge and serve hot or cold. (At this point you can transfer to any pitcher or keep in Mason jar.)

For ice cubes, fill ice cube trays with coffee and freeze. Serve with cold coffee or blend in a smoothie.


* For a twist, add your favorite spice to the coffee cubes before freezing


In the comment below, I wold LOVE to hear if you have ever had cold brew or cold filtered coffee AND how you like to drink it? 

Also, if you have a friend who would love a cold brew coffee – share the love and pass this post on…