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Millet polenta. Something different.

Who said polenta had to be made from cornmeal?

In my cooking world, there are no rules because, as I have said many times, rules and food don’t go together. OK, there are a few exceptions to that statement. Like when it comes to processed food and my friend Andrew over at his site, Eating Rules. He teaches how to eat unprocessed food and that’s a rule I live by. During the month of October, he spearheads October Unprocessed, which is a month-long commitment to unprocessed foods. I like to think that I am pretty “clean” in my eating, but as I found out when I started the month – not so much! Have a look at my post on Eating Rules about preparing for October Unprocessed and of course, my recipe for Millet Polenta.

millet polenta

millet polenta

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