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A Green Smoothie Formula

I am en route to Jakarta to help create a new chain of juice bars. How fun is that?! The juice and smoothie revolution crossed the pond, swam upstream and landed in SoutheastAsia! I get to be the Nutritional Muse that I am and roll my creative sleeves up and start creating and inspiring. I’d call that a global dream come true. Indonesia is such a special place to me. I spent a lot of time working and living in Bali, And I’m excited about going there on this trip as well.

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I LOVE traveling. I don’t even mind the long flights (this one is 36 hours), long layovers (this one is 8 hours), and I don’t even mind security checks! What I do mind about traveling is not having access to fresh food, my greens, or my juices. I can feel the nutrient depletion after one flight.

BUT, since I am heading out to create juices and smoothies, I plan on having a lot of them!

Why are green smoothies so good for  you?

Let me count the ways…

–       They are loaded with protein – yes plant protein!

–        The greens help to balance out blood sugar, so this will help with sugar cravings

–        They have loads of fiber, this helps with moving things through the body

–        The more you drink them the more you crave them

–        They make your skin glow

–        They make greens easier to digest


I am often asked what to put in a smoothie, and if have a recipe or can I suggest one. I can do better than that, as I wholeheartedly encourage creativity and adapting on the fly. I have a formula!

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The easiest green smoothie formula EVER!

This formula will not bloat you, bind you or leave you feeling lethargic. In fact, this is the key to feeling fabulous and light as air. As if that weren’t enough, it tastes great!


The Perfect Green Smoothie



Instructions for one smoothie:


1) Fill half the blender with dark green leaves (spinach, kale, whatever you prefer)

2) A binder such as 2T chia or 1 C coconut meat, or 1 avocado, or a handful of nuts (PICK ONE)

3) 1-2 C liquid such as water or nut milk or coconut water (PICK ONE)

4) Optional – *fruit (pear, apple, berries, etc.), spice, juice of lemon, lime,or orange (or all three), ginger, etc.
*note – do not mix nuts and fruit or you WILL feel bloated . . . (this is key to feeling light & having the smoothie move through you, if you know what I mean).


In the comments below, I would love to hear what YOUR perfect green smoothie formula is –