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Quick Healthy Meals in under 10 minutes

In my previous life as an art director, a printer once said something to me that I will never forget.

(Nor will I forget this big, burly man with a very large mustache that usually had food in it, his thick Long Island accent or his paper coffee cup . . . not the gourmet kind of coffee, but the  kind you bought at the NY Delis that came in the Greek cups.)

“Young lady, I’m going to give you a lesson that is going to change the way you think.”

I looked at him bug-eyed and with baited breath.

He said, “You can never have all three things you want at once—and if you do, something is wrong or someone is lying to you.
Cheap, fast and good—you can’t have all three. Pick two. What do you want?”

I will NEVER forget those words, and I have hung on to them ever since.

Of course he was talking about printing, but if you think about it, the simple  principle applies to pretty much everything, everywhere.

It even works with cooking quick healthy meals in minutes. I’m not saying that quick and healthy has to be expensive, but you do need to take the time to shop for quality ingredients. It’s your body, after all!

In this video, I’ll show you three quick, healthy meals, or recipes (using quality ingredients) that you can make on the fly.

These are perfect to have at home and are highly adaptable, meaning you can mix them up and make them your own.

Quick healthy meals – in under 10 minutes. For real.

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