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Why you should get out of your own way and just try it already

Eat Like a French Girl

I did! Yay, me. I finally took a giant step and gave my first public workshop for “Eat Like a French Girl.” Contrary to popular opinion, I’m a closet shy girl. I know—I look fearless on the outside, but inside I am as scared as the little bug-eyed girl sitting in the back of the room  who never raises her hand, and freezes up when asked if she has any questions—even though she has a boatload of them. “Me? Questions? I don’t have any questions.” (scroll all the way down…)

get out of your own way

BLOCKS are just our darned damaged egos telling us we can’t—there is no fun in that is there? In “Eat Like a French Girl,” we have a concept called The “Inner French Girl” (or guy, as the case may be). She (or he) is the one that says, “Why the hell not?” and then gives you advice about how you can. Follow it!

Unlike a roadblock, mental blocks are meant to be kicked down and broken through. If we can find a way to laugh at ourselves, get out of our OWN way and dive into those places that scare us the most, we may actually have a little fun and move forward with work, life, love, and—gosh, who knows?

I had FUN with the workshop, those who participated did too, and they learned a few things. It was far from perfect, and  that is the best part. Who’s perfect, anyway?

So my question is this: What is it that YOU would do if you could get out of your own way? Make a pumpkin pie? Sky dive? Ask that important question?

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