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The benefits of chia and chia parfait

I was SUPER glum, gloomy and facing a HUGE brick wall this morning. I could have tattooed the word UNINSPIRED on my forehead and gone back to bed. Do you know the feeling?

2014-03-21 11.34.17

Not only that, but I felt flu-ish on top of it. Blah! I do have a LONG list of tricks that normally pull me out of a rut, but for some reason all I wanted to do was mope. I guess that was the biggest motivator to turn to the bag of de-rutting tricks!

My first trick in the bag is to blast the nastiest music I can think of. Old Eminem can make anyone smile—or at least me.  Then I head straight to the kitchen where I know I don’t have to think and I can play. Cooking is my moving mediation where I can create something and if it doesn’t taste good, at least it was fun to try.

With nothing in my fridge but yogurt and nut milk, I turned to my stash of staples—namely my Chia.

I happen to LOVE Chia. Not just for its nutritional value, but for its diversity and for the many benefits of Chia. The seed is a chameleon and can be made into almost anything. Merely putting it into a smoothie seems like a shame. But there are a few key factors to eating the seed if you are going to reap its full benefit.

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[quote style=”1″] Tweetable: The key to eating Chia is to soak it first. [/quote]

Why does Chia need to soak? To get it to “sprout”. When something sprouts, the nutrients come alive, it is easier to digest, it will “sweep” the intestine, and we can truly benefit from what we are eating! Sprouting also helps it to expand and absorb the water it is soaking in.


Five other key benefits of Chia:


1) Chia has twice the protein of any other seed or grain.

2) Chia has twice the amount of potassium as bananas.

3) Chia has 5 times the calcium as cows milk and it’s easier to absorb the calcium because of the boron content in the Chia

4) Chia is hydrating and helps you retain super-important electrolytes, so drink Chia when you are exercising. (Forget the Gatorade!)

5) Chia has all the omega oils that you need, so eat up!

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[note note_color=”#FFCC00″]

Breakfast Chia Parfait

¼ c raw Chia seeds

¼ c raw oats

1C water (or organic coconut water)

4 tbsp. raspberry jam

1C coconut yogurt or whole milk yogurt


Soak the Chia and oats in a bowl for at least 10 minutes or up to a day

For the first few minutes, keep stirring so they don’t stick together


Divide the Chia/oat mixture between 4 jars

Top with some of the jam

Top with the yogurt

Seal the jar.


Close the jar and keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.


(Note: the Chia/oat mixture will keep for up to 10 days without the jam and yogurt)


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