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Juices, smoothies and how to tell the difference

I want everyone to juice and to drink smoothies.

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If everyone did, I feel like the world would be filled with happy,bouncy people with glowing skin, sparkling white of their eyes, and shiny hair—not to mention the enormous health benefits they would receive!

But there is a misconception in the juicing-smoothie world.

A smoothie is not a juice even if it’s thin or green.

I know I know, I hear it all the time . . . “I love green juices. I blend them every morning.”

That’s a green smoothie.

So here is a very clear, spelled-out guide in juices, smoothies and how to tell the difference:

If it’s made in a blender, it’s a smoothie. EVEN IF IT’S WATERY, it’s still a smoothie.

If it’s made in a juicer, it’s a juice. WHY? Because a juicer extracts the juice from the produce or plant.

Q – “But my blender makes the veggies so liquidy. Doesn’t that make it a juice?”

A – Bingo! You said the magic word. Blender. It’s a smoothie.

Is one better than the other?

Comparing juices with smoothies is like comparing Prada with YSL. It depends on what camp you conform to, who you decide to listen to, or what you prefer.

Brian Clement of Hippocrates is adamantly opposed to green smoothies, while David Wolfe built his business on them, and Anne Wigmore believes they saved her life.

My Friend Mike Perrine has some brilliant recipes for both smoothies and juices here

If you want to buy a blender, I have an awesome guide on how to pick one in my book, Veggies for Carnivores.

But here are my top tips for blender buying:

1)      Make sure the blades are offset for better blending.

2)      Make sure the bottom doesn’t screw off or you will risk losing your liquid.

3)      Make sure the centerpiece on the top can be removed so the top doesn’t pop off when blending hot liquids.

As far as blender go, in my opinion nothing beats a Vitamix.

juices, smoothies and how to tell the difference

juices, smoothies and how to tell the difference

As for buying a juicer:

Don’t buy a juicer unless you are actually going to use it.

If not, there are TONS of fantastic pressed-juice spots around the globe.Thank goodness for my friend Max Goldberg and his awesome resource, “The Organic Pressed Juice Directory.” It will help you find organic, pressed juice anywhere in the world. Yay Max!

IF you are going to juice at home, please know there are three types of juicers to choose from:

1) Centrifugal – spins and cuts the produce. This is the most popular and least expensive juicer. (The Bravelle, The Omega)

2) Masticating – crushes the produce and lets some oxygen in. The juice can last overnight. (The Samson, the Omega)

3) Pressed – presses the produce and lets the least amount of oxygen in so the juice can last the longest. (The Norwalk Press)

Please note that a “cold pressed” juice is not a pressed juice unless it’s pressed (i.e., from a pressed juice machine).
So enjoy your juices and smoothies and keep them green!


Do you juice or blend? I would LOVE to hear what concoctions you create in the comments below… 


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