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My Story

I’m Lora Krulak -

Amazon best selling author, nutritional muse, chef, healer, and certified globetrotter. (I know – it’s a mouthful.) If there was a PhD for mind, body & soul geekdom, I’d have it hanging in a bamboo frame in my office by now!

For 10 years, I’ve been helping women like you understand their unique bodies, repair their relationship with fitness and food and their bodies, and build a fun-filled lifestyle they love. We explore everything from the state of their kitchens to the way they breathe while eating. No stone left unturned! No veggie left unloved!

In short: I know the fast path to results. I’ll get you off your butt and into action.
 I’ll help you design a nourishing way of life that’s so simple, it becomes as natural as breathing. 

Together, we’ll build the foundational habits that transform not just your waistline – but every facet of your life.

No more grappling with the scale.

No more eating out every night because your kitchen’s a mess.

No more diets, staring down that “problem area” in the mirror, or squeezing yourself into your skinny jeans.

Let me introduce you the incredible confidence and ease treating your body beautifully creates. Your weight is irrelevant – it’s the way you feel that matters.

What you learn will amaze and change you. Forever.

I know you’re ready to step up to the plate (pun totally intended).

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A little more about me

I’ve practiced yoga in 6 continents, dipped my toes in all 7 seas, and sat with spiritual masters all over the world. I went gluten-free & juice cleanse crazy years before most folks even knew what a green smoothie was. I’ve had more ‘healings’ than I can count, studied Ayurveda, TCM and herbology, and got a degree in chocolate. I worked in the spa business, earned my culinary degree, and picked up tricks from local chefs & pros across the globe.

Over time, I perfected a lifestyle for myself – then I learned how to make it portable. I figured out how to order at restaurants, read labels in any country, and maintain my clean eating habits in a natural way. That’s what I’m here to teach you.

However,  before any of that… my crippling insecurity ran the show. I felt awkward in my body. I grappled with an image-fueled eating disorder (the greatest struggle of my life).

Fortunately, with a whole lot of effort and support, I’m happy to report that  I scaled that mountain, and made it to the other side. And from where I’m standing, the future is bursting with possibility – for both of us.


Let Me Show You How

  Still curious? Presenting: my life’s crazy timeline!

  • [80's] Enter: middle school. Be one of the taller, heavier girls in class – bigger than most of the boys. The result: merciless teasing. Assume I’ll be “big & ugly” forever.

  • Go on first diet at 13. Drop 20 lbs. Teasing stops (sort of).

  • Boys start to notice me. Conclude thin must = beautiful.

  • Go to my first spa at 16. Find solace in spas.
  • Graduate from Parsons School of Design with honors (Paris and NY ;))
  • Start obsessively exercising.

  • Told by a healer to cut out gluten & refined sugar (unheard of in the 90’s). Started juicing.

  • Hired as the Art Director for a high-brow fashion & beauty ad firm. Work for Barneys NY, Estee Lauder, Anne Taylor, Donna Karan etc.

  • [1998] Get sick of telling emaciated models they’re fat. Leave beauty industry. Head to cooking school. Start practicing yoga

  • [2001] Get invited to India for 10 days for a wedding. Fall in love with the country. Wind up staying for a month. Do ashtanga yoga retreat in Bali

  • [2001] B-line to Mysore and do yoga for 4 months while studying vedic astrology and Ayurveda.

  • Head home. Miss India terribly.

  • [2002] Take an 8-month yoga training course in Australia & Bali. Discover raw foods. Start teaching yoga in Bali.

  • Style and consult on a friend’s book about the best spas in Asia (still a bestseller over there, by the way)

  • [2004] Move to Delhi to teach yoga. Start consulting with heavier students interested in reworking their eating habits. Re-interpret Indian recipes with gluten and dairy-free ingredients. Continue Ayruvedic training and Bollywood dance.

  • Take Iyengar yoga training in Rishikesh, learn breathing, and teach at Ananda Asham

  • Head back to America to study permaculture design

  • [2006] Start delivering cleanses to clients on my vespa in Manhattan.

  • Spend time in Italy and worked on my Italian. Begin writing Veggies for Carnivores (all those lovely veggies inspired me!)

  • Hit a low point in my body struggle. Down to one salad a day. Disconnect from my loved ones. Start binging, and compulsively focusing on ‘perfect’ eating

  • Finally get the help I need. Learn that obsessive rules + food don’t go together. The slow road to recovery begins.

  • Study sports nutrition, herbology, and life coaching.

  • [2007] Get hired as a spokesmodel for (the video’s still flying around the internet somewhere – the spot ran during the Superbowl. Yup.)

  • [2008] Start working with health clients in NYC and London. While traveling from Paris
  • [2010] Moved to Paris
  • [2011] Settled in Miami
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Love your food. Nourish your body. Live your adventure.
Let me show you how.

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