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Natural sugar for the sweet tooth in all of us

Do you find yourself avoiding sugary things? Do you feel proud toward the end of the day that you abstained from any sugar only to find yourself indulging in an entire bag of organic licorice later? Gosh I have. More than once!     Sugar is not a BAD thing—natural sugar, that is. In small quantities, natural sugar is good for you as it is super high in vitamins and minerals. Maple syrup, for example is filled with calcium, iron […]

Nutrition tips for the frequent flyer

Traveling is a huge part of my life. I’ve been blessed in that I have seen much of the world and I plan to see much more of it. Fortunately, because I have logged so many hours in the air, I have gotten my inflight kit down to a science. With a little preparation, and a few nutrition tips, flying doesn’t have to take such a toll on the body or the mind. Flying can actually be a time to […]

Mindful or Mindless: The anatomy of nutritious snacks

As Americans, we are notorious snackers. It is part of our culture and ingrained into our heads that we need to snack, and if we don’t, we may starve. The rest of the world doesn’t snack and it is not part of their culture. Americans fear hunger, and that is something to address. When I was in university in Paris, my friend’s kids would come home from school and have a yogurt or fruit.  I,  on the other hand, was […]

Seven spices you are probably not eating but should be

Spices are healing foods. They not only enhance flavors, but they strengthen the nutritional potency of any culinary creation.    I began to embrace spices while living in India. A spice box with a rainbow of colors and flavors was always beside the stove of the best Home Cooks and Chefs. My Southern Indian landlord taught me how and why to use each spice while considering both the taste and the medicinal effects; much like a doctor might prescribe medication. A world […]

How to read a label

Food labels and packaging can be very confusing. They don’t have to be. True story: Years before Whole Foods, I was diagnosed with “chronic label reading.” It was suggested to me by my fancy Upper East Side shrink that I limit my health food shop visits to 20 minutes or less. As health food shops and now Whole Foods are my Happy Place, I rebelled. I was determined to master the art of label reading and I did—in all seven […]

10 Tips for a clean start

One question I am asked repeatedly at the beginning of each new year is “how can I detox or get healthy?”. After all of the parties, the dinners and holiday indulgences, everyone wants a fresh start.

Weight loss Q & A

It’s February and a brilliant time to re-affirm any resolutions made a month ago. A question that I often get asked is how to loose weight. Most people seem to know the answer to this question already as they either know their so body well or they are not ready to make a change. Baby steps or bite size pieces are a more palatable way to embrace lasting transformation. If weight loss is what you are after, perhaps try one […]

Eat like a French girl in Miami – part deux

This is part of a two part post         So back to L’hotel Amour. One night I was tired of working at home, so I grabbed my laptop and sat at a table on my own. I ordered a petite salad Nicoise with no dressing and a glass of wine and typed away, while at the table next to mine two very stylish French men ordered dinner. I watched, captivated, as they sipped their wine and slowly […]

Eat like a French girl, in Miami

This is part one of a two entry piece. I miss Paris. Admittedly, Miami is growing on me – ocean breezes, being surrounded by palm trees, radiantly warm sunny days. The food is not nearly as good, the streets not remotely as interesting and the markets don’t hold a candle to those in Paris. But I’m a beach girl at heart and according to my dear friend (and winemaker) Piero Incisa della Rocchetta’s theory, the terroir of a place changes you. Being […]