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Why you need to eat at home more than once a week

and how easy it is.   Everyone needs to know how to cook something. Anything. At least ONE thing. Why? Because that ONE meal could save your life. I know this sounds dramatic,  but it’s actually very true.   When you can cook something and eat at home, You will be excited to share it. When you are excited to share it . . . you will! You will sit at your table, eat at home with others, and that […]

The best grilled vegetables

I have a theory that if you grill something, it will taste better. Even the worst cook can grill and have culinary success. Case in point, my mother—a brilliant sandwich maker and grill master, but cook? Sorry, Mom. So, how to grill vegetables so they turn out just right every time? Well, no one is perfect, but I have found a way of making the best grilled vegetables and it produces flawless results—most of the time. Thanks to the grill […]

The Fresh 20 Cookbook Review and Giveaway

This giveaway is AMAZING, so read on; you are NOT going to want to miss it! Sometimes – I take that back – most of the time, the simplest ideas are the best ideas. A few years ago I was at a blogging conference and met a woman named Melissa who truly touched my heart. This lady had it all going on. She is beautiful, quick, grounded, a loving mother of two and when she spoke of her husband, she […]

Food Babe Beet root french fries

Did Lora Krulak, the author, unlock the secret to turning veggie haters into veggie lovers? Food Babe investigates.

Quick healthy snacks? The Jicama.

Is there such thing as a quick healthy snack? Of course there is! Jicama is a refreshing water-based, somewhat sweet vegetable. I often find that people don’t know what it is or how to eat it. Let me show you how to eat jicama – [quote style=”1″]Lora’s tweetable: Jicama with lime, chile and a pinch of sea salt is the perfect quick healthy snack[/quote] Peel the jicama with a small knife instead of a vegetable peeler. I find the peeler […]

Mexican Quinoa Paella

Paella isn’t something I am normally drawn to nor something I often make at home. I am not a big fan of rice, or dishes that have been cooked for hours. But this particular dish brings back memories from childhood and holiday with my family in Mexico when I knew little about food and nothing about what Paella was. I only knew I loved the smell and the taste and I knew that it was a memory I would hold […]

Kale Salads and Not Blogging

As anyone involved with social media can attest, daily experiences aren’t just daily experiences anymore. They’re experiences to be tweeted, blogged or pinned immediately, which lends new meaning to the notion of living in the moment. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about all this as I participate in this world, and often find myself saying, “Shoot, I should have tweeted that,” or having my dining companion say to me, “Shouldn’t you be blogging about this?” And then feeling […]

Peanut Butter Quinoa

Not much of a breakfast person, I am quite content with strong maté and a green juice. But I experimented for a while with properly food-combined mushy things, soaking and cooking every grain or seed I could think of, attempting to find breakfast foods to feed my clients and myself, of course. I stumbled upon quinoa flakes, which appear to be the perfect breakfast flake! They are light and fluffy, easy on the stomach and cook quickly. This recipe is literally a mistake, but it tastes like peanut butter for some bizarre reason and anything that tastes like a big-bowl peanut butter but isn’t, is brilliant to in my eyes.

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Hampton Guys and artichokes

There is something about a real Hampton Guy, especially in cold months that I find very sexy and very comforting. They eer on the nerdy side in their crew neck sweaters, not-so-warn jeans and very practical shoes that most likely cost more than they care to admit. I met my dear friend Eric, avid foodie, when I was back in Manhattan a few weeks ago, and he was sitting at the bar with several of his ‘Hampton” friends. He looked out of place in his crisp white shirt and tie, as he had just come from the office. His friends were all food & wine guys, all very into what they were eating and drinking and I was like a little schoolgirl the biggest grin on my face because I was in heaven (I have a thing for nerdy guys and a bigger thing for food & wine geeks). When they offered me a braised oxtail tartine, they must have seen me flinch, but the offer was so sincere and earnest, I felt almost bad saying no.

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A chat with Katy Sparks

I first had the pleasure of meeting Katy Sparks when I was looking for a stage, just out of cooking school. Katy’s restaurant Quilty’s in Soho was well known for seasonal American cooking – enhancing the natural flavors of the freshest ingredients available at the moment. That was a quote from our mutual friend Steven Hall, and this was 1998, the year I walked in her door. So one could never refer to Katy as trendy, and it was no surprise that she was named best new chef in Food and Wine that year.

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