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How to effortlessly feed your whole family with one adaptable dish

The Key to feeding the entire happy healthy family is one adaptable dish. Making sure your whole family gets fed and fed, healthy food, can seem an overwhelming task. Especially 7 nights a week! It doesn’t have to be. An adaptable dish can save hours of frustration and turn even your carniverous or pickiest eaters into vegetable converts. It’s become SO common these days to have a houseful of different eaters—gluten-free, vegan, a dedicated carnivore and an athlete all under […]

How to make flawless veggie soup

What if I told you that you could make flawless smooth veggie soup in less than five steps – every time. Smooth veggie soup seems time consuming and daunting to make… Guess what? It’s NOT. The key to making a perfect veggie soup is following a simple formula that is easy to replicate time and time again.   My favorite thing about a smooth veggie soup is that it is highly convertible. Meaning— one if I make one soup, freeze […]

A chat with Katy Sparks

I first had the pleasure of meeting Katy Sparks when I was looking for a stage, just out of cooking school. Katy’s restaurant Quilty’s in Soho was well known for seasonal American cooking – enhancing the natural flavors of the freshest ingredients available at the moment. That was a quote from our mutual friend Steven Hall, and this was 1998, the year I walked in her door. So one could never refer to Katy as trendy, and it was no surprise that she was named best new chef in Food and Wine that year.

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Soul-searching and Broccoli Soup

There is a trend surfacing among those near and dear to me. Midlife crisis. I can’t imagine that we are old enough to be in mid-life yet, but I guess we are?  I prefer to think of it as more of a transitional phase – a soul-searching phase. My friends are quitting their high-paying jobs, thinking about sabbaticals or parting from long-term relationships. This is very peculiar for me since I have been somewhat stable for the past few years […]

Roasted Onion Soup With Curry and Hot Chile

Recently, my brother and I were having a nostalgic conversation about French Onion Soup and I was left wondering how to reproduce this flavor gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. Although this is very different from the standard French Onion Soup, or the one I grew up eating in the Midwest, the rich roasted Onions and Parsnip somehow mimic the deep beef-broth flavor that sets the tone in an Old World French Onion Soup. Ingredients: 1 lb red and white […]