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Why the world should get to know you .. well, first of all, because you taught me that healthy CAN be fun and healthy CAN be delicious second, because you are HUMAN, friendly and not at all intimidating (like other hardcore health speakers), and you let me eat my M&M and Pringles after a glass of green juices third, because you are beyond creative and really open my eyes about the miracles and wonders behind green juices! (I didn’t even know […]

Working with Lora was an absolute pleasure.  I had the unique opportunity to work with Lora as we produced a healthy eating/living cooking demonstration that was held in our Macy’s Dadeland culinary kitchen.  Our customers had a great time learning new recipes from Lora that they can incorporate into their lives to help them lead a healthier lifestyle.  These recipes not only produced healthy food, but they were also delicious!  Empowered with healthy and delicious recipes, our customers can take […]

Lora  Krulak spoke at Hadassah’s Alternative Health and Wellness program about creating healthy eating alternatives . She had a captivating and interactive presentation style and educated the group for healthier choices.  I would certainly recommend Lora to coach others on creating better eating habits to improve your health. Lori Heiken Director-Greater Miami Region of Hadassah

Lora: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to address the Women of Tomorrow’s mentees about nutrition. I commend you for your engaging presentation, particularly because it’s so hard to retain a teenager’s attention. Thank you for your enlightening speech. Eva C. Calderon Manager, Promotions Strategy & Scheduling Programming