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The Cooking Tools to Have

What do I REALLY need in my kitchen?

Cooking tools and equipment…

“Experts” everywhere will encourage us to buy complete sets. They look fantastic, appear to be a bargain but I promise, they will only create more clutter.

My solution:  BUY SELECT PIECES 

Impulse items like and an avocado slicer or a banana sling are SO tempting us. They are fun and look so ingenious! But I promise, a “measure up” plate or an “olive oil mister” will not make you skinny or shave time off of your day. Buying impulse Items will only create clutter.

My solution:  LESS IS MORE 

I am a fan of less is more, both in my wardrobe and in my kitchen. Spend money on quality and good cooking tools and equipment. It will and it should last a lifetime. Collecting kitchen pieces over time, will ensure that you will have exactly the items that YOU need and that work the way that YOU cook. Not how Mario Batali or Julia Child cooks. Although that would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

To follow is my breakdown of a semi-minimalistic starter kitchen.

We go into deeper detail about this in my upcoming Kitchen Harmony course, so keep on the lookout for emails—I am so excited to share it with you! It is premium content!

Nicely stocked, semi-minimalistic-starter-kitchen

You truly only need 3 knives.

I have a Henckels 8 inch basic knife. I’ve tried many others, but I always go back to this one. I like to keep my knives on a knife magnet. (If you have kids, I suggest you get locked covers and keep them in a drawer.




  • Blender! I love my blender. If I had to choose between the blender and the food processor, I would choose the blender. Choose a blender with out a screw bottom! Email me for suggestions on Blenders
  • Vitamix! I love my Vitamix – you  have to get yourself one
  • An Electric kettle. Quick boil expedites water heating and better for the environment.



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