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I’m an unrepentant meat lover and eater. I have, however, cut down for health considerations. Veggies for Carnivores has made that transition virtually seamless—even joyful. Thank you, Ms. Krulak, from the depths of my heart (and the pit of my stomach).

Cary Woods, film producer - Swingers, Rudy, Scream

Lora’s recipes are simple and yummy.  She helped me discover new veggies to snack on and mix together. She is an inspiration and her book is fun reading.  I am now into a healthy new way of eating and the pounds are falling off.

Martha Fredrics Glass, NY

What Lora does with a single ingredient is amazing.  Give her the entire plant kingdom and you are in for a wild and tasty ride.  Veggies for Carnivores is an exciting take on the many wonders that come when you treat vegetables like the hearty, juicy, tender things they are.  Try any recipe and your meat-lover will be hooked.

Jamie G.Dougherty, Food & Body Coach,
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