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My story

I’m Lora Krulak – nutritional muse, emotional eating expert, chef, author, meditation teacher, Amazon bestselling author, and certified globetrotter. (I know – it’s a mouthful.) If there was a PhD for mind, body & soul queendom, I’d have it hanging in a bamboo frame in my office by now.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping women like you understand their unique bodies, repair their relationship with food and themselves, and build a fun-filled lifestyle they love. We explore everything from the state of their kitchens to the way they breathe.. No stone left unturned. No veggie left unloved!

In short: I know the fast path to results. I’ll get you off your butt and into action. I’ll help you design a nourishing way of life that’s so simple, it becomes as natural as breathing.

Together, we’ll build the foundational habits that transform not just your waistline – but every facet of your life.

No more turning down dates because your clothes don’t fit, feeling shame about the size of your thighs, or turning to a bag of chips for comfort.

Let me introduce you the incredible confidence and ease that treating your body beautifully creates. Your weight is irrelevant – it’s the way you FEEL that matters.

What you learn will amaze and change you. Forever.

I know you’re ready to step up to the plate (pun totally intended). Click HERE to learn more about my workshops, one-on-one sessions, and programs. If you have a question, Email me here.


A little more about me

I’ve practiced yoga in 6 continents, dipped my toes in all 7 seas, and sat with spiritual masters all over the world. I went wheat-free & juice cleanse crazy years before most folks even knew what a green smoothie was. I’ve had more ‘healings’ than I can count, studied Ayurveda, TCM and herbology, and got a degree in chocolate. I worked in the spa business, earned my culinary degree, and picked up tricks from local chefs & pros across the globe.


Over time, I perfected a lifestyle for myself – then I learned how to make it portable. I figured out how to order at restaurants, read labels in any country, and maintain my clean eating habits in a natural way. That’s what I’m here to teach you.


However,  before any of that… shame ran the show. I felt awkward in my body. I grappled with multiple eating disorders like binging, body image disorder and ortorexia (which didn’t even have a name when I had it!)

Fortunately, with a whole lot of effort and support, I’m happy to report that I scaled that mountain, and made it to the other side. And from where I’m standing, the future is bursting with possibility – for both of us.

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[note color=”#FFCC00″]Click HERE to learn more about my workshops, one-on-one sessions and programs.[/note]

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Let Me Show You How

  Still curious? Presenting: my life’s crazy timeline!

  • [80’s] Enter: middle school. Be one of the taller, heavier girls in class – bigger than most of the boys. The result: merciless teasing. Assume I’ll be “big & ugly” forever.

  • Go on first diet at 13. Drop 20 lbs. Teasing stops (sort of).

  • Boys start to notice me. Conclude thin must = beautiful.

  • Go to my first spa at 16. Find solace in spas.
  • Graduate from Parsons School of Design with honors (Paris and NY ;))
  • Start obsessively exercising.

  • Told by a healer to cut out gluten & refined sugar (unheard of in the 90’s). Started juicing.

  • Hired as the Art Director for a high-brow fashion & beauty ad firm. Work for Barneys NY, Estee Lauder, Anne Taylor, Donna Karan etc.

  • [1998] Get sick of telling emaciated models they’re fat. Leave beauty industry. Head to cooking school. Start practicing yoga

  • [2001] Get invited to India for 10 days for a wedding. Fall in love with the country. Wind up staying for a month. Do ashtanga yoga retreat in Bali

  • [2001] B-line to Mysore and do yoga for many months while studying Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Head home. Miss India terribly.

  • [2002] Take an 8-month yoga training course in Australia & Bali. Discover raw foods. Start teaching yoga in Australia & Bali.

  • Style and consult on a friend’s titled Asia’s Ultimate Spas  (still a bestseller over there, by the way)

  • [2004] Move to Delhi to teach yoga. Start consulting with students interested in reworking their eating habits. Re-interpret Indian recipes with gluten and dairy-free ingredients. Continue Ayruvedic training and Bollywood dance.

  • Take Iyengar yoga training in Rishikesh, learn breathing, and teach at yoga to the teachers at Ananda Spa

  • Head back to America to study permaculture design

  • [2006] Start delivering juice cleanses to clients on my vespa in Manhattan.

  • Spend time in Italy and worked on my Italian. Begin writing Veggies for Carnivores (all those lovely veggies inspired me!)

  • Hit a low point in my body struggle. Down to one salad a day. Disconnect from my loved ones. Start binging, and compulsively focusing on ‘perfect’ eating

  • Finally get the help I need. Learn that obsessive rules + food don’t go together. The slow road to recovery begins.

  • Study sports nutrition, herbology, and life coaching.

  • [2007] Get hired as a spokesmodel for (the video’s still flying around the internet somewhere – the spot ran during the Superbowl. Yup.)

  • [2008] Start working with health clients in NYC and London. While traveling from Paris
  • [2010] Moved to Paris
  • [2011] Settled in Miami

That’s most of my story… happy to share more if you like! Just email me here