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Veggies for Carnivores: Moving Vegetables to the Center of the Plate

Lora Krulak’s book, Veggies for Carnivores,before realizing that the author has an infectious passion for nutritious cooking, unusual foods, and vegetables in particular. If you are one who categorizes vegetables as hot (potatoes, green beans, peas and corn) and cold (carrots, tomatoes, celery and lettuce), you are in fopr a treat. According to Ms. Krulak, “Vegetables aren’t just something your mother made you eat.” Not only does she introduce the reader to exotic flavors, colors, and textures, she convinces us that vegetables are beautiful and…well sexy! Her receipes are uncomplicated, easy to follow and laced with stories and humor from her travels around the world. She gives great advice about the best products to use when preparing the food. She guides us into the culinary world step-by-step, from selecting the ingredients to creating a delectable dish.