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Veggie Tip of the Month: Chili Peppers

When I told my uncle about this tip he was a bit shocked and I think in disbelief – but honestly, it works! Chili pepper can stop bleeding and help form a quick scab. I am a master at cutting myself and have the scars to prove it. This little trick actually helps heal a cut quickly and eliminate scarring.  Apply the powder liberally to the wound and it will begin to scab.

My Favorite Chili & Pepper Destinations

L’Avant Comptoir In Paris – Perfectly cooked, perfectly salted, perfectly spicy peppers. We quickly ordered another order as we practically inhaled the first one. Yum – I just don’t know if I can be any more specific than that. Zeruko in San Sebastian – It seems silly to be talking about the Chili Peppers at this place when every single tapas they create is more creative than the last or next or the one the person next to you is […]

A few types of Chilies, Peppers and Heat…

There are over 33 species and about 3729 varieties of Chili’s. Mexico alone produces and uses 140 varieties! I have short-listed a few of the more commonly known ones, with some specifics about them. I normally don’t like to generalize but for simplicity sake, the SMALLER the Chili, the HIGHER the heat. Hungarian Sweet Paprika Sweet heat, from Hungary. This mild Pepper is cone-like in shape and cultivated till it turns red, then picked and dried. It is sometimes called […]

October Edition: Chili Peppers!

As a kid I had a strong aversion to anything spicy. Food with heat or food that made my mouth burn didn’t make sense to me or to my palate. A true little Midwestern girl, sweet, bland or salty were the only tastes that did.  My mother and oldest brother couldn’t get enough of anything hot and spicy. Extra hot sauce on the Chinese takeaway or more chili sauce on the BBQ ribs was normal for them but way too […]