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Living a Total Re-Set

The Icy Lacuma-Cacao Smoothie - perfectly light and sweet satisfying snack!

Icy Lacuma-Cacao Smoothie. I often get asked what it is I do. It’s a good question in that I do a lot of things. I make people healthy and I do this in many ways. One of the ways that I do this is I create custom programs for my clients with menus and recipes. Sometimes I go on-site, spend some time with my client and cook the meals and literally make the program come to life. I love this […]

How To Eat Chocolate At Weddings

Weddings and chocolate go hand-in-hand to my eyes. But then again, to my eyes, anything goes with chocolate! A few weeks back I was asked to conduct a chocolate “degustation” for 25 as a pre-wedding activity. I love hosting chocolate tastings. Sharing a few of my favorite tricks, tastes and tips with bright-eyed eager tasters is one of my greatest pleasures. Although everyone in the group adored chocolate, no one claimed to be a connoisseur beyond just loving and indulging, […]

Pierre Herme Pain au Chocolate