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Lacuma tastes like cookie dough, but it’s not…

I can become mildly obsessive about a new ingredient. I will eat it every day, and this can last for months, even years. I ate the same artichoke purée with fennel and celery slices for lunch almost every day for two years! Lacuma powder has been one of these. I bring it with me almost everywhere and experiment by adding it to just about anything, to see how it blends. Lacuma, a South American fruit of Andean origin, is sold […]

Another Type of Risotto

I have been asked a lot lately what program I recommend to my clients. I can’t really answer that, since all programs are custom creations. However, there are a few things that hold true for all of the cleanses, all of the programs and all of the recipes. I am a firm believer in a veggie-centric regime, gluten free grains and unrefined sugar. Gluten free does not mean “no carbs.” In fact, carbohydrates are necessary and very good for us. […]

Welcome to My Nutritional Adventure

For the past ten-or-so years I’ve had the pleasure of working in, traveling through, studying and embracing some of the most interesting cultures around the world. I often get asked how I adapt so quickly, and aside from having a mildly chameleon-like nature I have a simple answer: I seek to understand how the locals eat, where they shop for food and where they drink tea or coffee. My comfort and context comes from understanding the basics of each local […]