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Mindful or Mindless: The anatomy of nutritious snacks

As Americans, we are notorious snackers. It is part of our culture and ingrained into our heads that we need to snack, and if we don’t, we may starve. The rest of the world doesn’t snack and it is not part of their culture. Americans fear hunger, and that is something to address. When I was in university in Paris, my friend’s kids would come home from school and have a yogurt or fruit.  I,  on the other hand, was […]

Quick healthy snacks? The Jicama.

Is there such thing as a quick healthy snack? Of course there is! Jicama is a refreshing water-based, somewhat sweet vegetable. I often find that people don’t know what it is or how to eat it. Let me show you how to eat jicama – Peel the jicama with a small knife instead of a vegetable peeler. I find the peeler too difficult for thick skin root vegetables like these.  Cut the veggie in sticks and dip like carrot or […]