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Nutrition tips for the frequent flyer

Traveling is a huge part of my life. I’ve been blessed in that I have seen much of the world and I plan to see much more of it. Fortunately, because I have logged so many hours in the air, I have gotten my inflight kit down to a science. With a little preparation, and a few nutrition tips, flying doesn’t have to take such a toll on the body or the mind. Flying can actually be a time to […]

The Perfect Raw Kale Salad

The key to the perfect raw kale salad is to make sure you soften it first. Kale has become the popular leaf lately, but it can be difficult to eat,bitter tasting and even more difficult to digest. It doesn’t have to be…. Soften raw kale in less than 15 minutes with out even touching it. When I was living in Paris, I longed for dark leafy greens more than you can even imagine. Parisians have spinach, but kale and collards are […]

10 Tips for a clean start

One question I am asked repeatedly at the beginning of each new year is “how can I detox or get healthy?”. After all of the parties, the dinners and holiday indulgences, everyone wants a fresh start.

My Favorite Salad Destinations

Da Rosa in Paris.  The Salad Nicoise is like a beautiful little puzzle, where all the parts of a standard Nicoise are separated for you to combine as you like. They use fresh Ventresca tuna, baby gem hearts lettuce and seared red peppers.  The salad is undressed and it truly should stay that way. Txikito in NY – I crave this “Cogollos” Salad. Similar to Da Rosa’s Nicoise but in a simple way. Little Gem Hearts sitting on top of […]