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A Green Smoothie Formula

I am en route to Jakarta to help create a new chain of juice bars. How fun is that?! The juice and smoothie revolution crossed the pond, swam upstream and landed in SoutheastAsia! I get to be the Nutritional Muse that I am and roll my creative sleeves up and start creating and inspiring. I’d call that a global dream come true. Indonesia is such a special place to me. I spent a lot of time working and living in […]

How to Make a Green Smoothie

green smoothies all in a row...

I have happy places and happy things. Happy places are my shortlist of go-to spots that perk me up when a little perk is needed. Whole Foods, the Soho House, yoga class with my teacher Lara Brunn, an impressive farmers market, the sea, my mother’s sofa are a few. Happy things are the same, just in “stuff” form: my Vespa, a green smoothie, avocados with sea salt, artichokes in any form,. When the two converge, well, that’s just a little slice […]