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Zaatar spice mix

I truly believe that everyone can cook, but I often forget that everyone doesn’t. It’s my theory that if you know how to cook one thing, you can cook almost anything. I’m sticking to it. Just try and push me off my soap-box.   Spices and spice mixes are an easy seg-way to making food taste great. If you have a good spice mix, you can turn to it for a multitude of simple “no brainer” recipes and come out […]

Seven spices you are probably not eating but should be

Spices are healing foods. They not only enhance flavors, but they strengthen the nutritional potency of any culinary creation.    I began to embrace spices while living in India. A spice box with a rainbow of colors and flavors was always beside the stove of the best Home Cooks and Chefs. My Southern Indian landlord taught me how and why to use each spice while considering both the taste and the medicinal effects; much like a doctor might prescribe medication. A world […]

A few types of Chilies, Peppers and Heat…

There are over 33 species and about 3729 varieties of Chili’s. Mexico alone produces and uses 140 varieties! I have short-listed a few of the more commonly known ones, with some specifics about them. I normally don’t like to generalize but for simplicity sake, the SMALLER the Chili, the HIGHER the heat. Hungarian Sweet Paprika Sweet heat, from Hungary. This mild Pepper is cone-like in shape and cultivated till it turns red, then picked and dried. It is sometimes called […]