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I recently had the pleasure of attending a week-long yoga intensive with one of my favorite teachers. The yoga exceeded expectations; unfortunately the food did not. In much my usual style, I accommodated my mildly high-maintenance food habits by buying whatever veggies I could find at the one tiny market, about 500 meters from the chateau. They had a small selection of the season’s ripest and freshest vegetables and fruits, which around this time of year is mostly Cucumbers, bright […]

Veggie Tip of the Month

I learned of my favorite Veggie tricks from an Italian friend many years ago. Cut ¼ inch piece off the top of a Cucumber. Rub the small piece of the Cucumber on the larger cut portion of the Cucumber several times until white foam starts to form. Wipe the foam off and slice the cucumber. This eliminates any bitterness thus enabling you to leave the skin on to eat it. The skin contains most of the vital nutrients, beta carotene […]