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My Favorite Tomato Destinations

This is actually a difficult question as a Tomato dish has more to do with how good the season is, how good the olive oil is and how much the chef is willing to let the fruit shine on it’s own. However, I have come up with a few stellar examples… Bistro Paul Bert in Paris – Recently, I had a perfect tomato salad at this Parisian institution. It was a simple trio of purple, yellow and red tomatoes with […]

Storing and extending life…

Tomatoes, like Bananas flourish in room temperature and should never be put in the refrigerator.  Literally, they should not sit in temperatures below 54°F / 12°C. This upsets me, the taste of the Tomato and the longevity of it’s shelf life. You can see how unhappy a tomato looks when it sits in the fridge. The color will pale slightly and the skin will wrinkle quickly. I am not sure where I learned this Tomato trick but it works. (and […]