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Avocados And Toast

I seriously think that one hasn’t truly experienced an avocado unless it’s been eaten fresh off the tree in Byron Bay, Australia. Growing up in the Midwest, guacamole at “Mexican” restaurants was essentially the only avocado we ate. Occasional holidays in Mexico or Florida offered different tastes of the green fruit, but it wasn’t until I lived in Byron Bay that my taste buds got awakened to something completely different from anything I’d ever tasted before.

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Salty Corn and a Karate Master

I love French Expats. My friend Leeanne and I met a friend-of-a-friend for dinner. A Southern French five-time black belt Karate Master and financial genius been living in Miami for about a decade. But like most French expats, despite his years abroad, his accent and affect remain tightly intact. We met at a favorite restaurant of mine called Michael’s in Miami’s Design District. Michael’s is known for their use of locally grown foods, as organic as possible. It is, however, […]

Hampton Guys and artichokes

There is something about a real Hampton Guy, especially in cold months that I find very sexy and very comforting. They eer on the nerdy side in their crew neck sweaters, not-so-warn jeans and very practical shoes that most likely cost more than they care to admit. I met my dear friend Eric, avid foodie, when I was back in Manhattan a few weeks ago, and he was sitting at the bar with several of his ‘Hampton” friends. He looked out of place in his crisp white shirt and tie, as he had just come from the office. His friends were all food & wine guys, all very into what they were eating and drinking and I was like a little schoolgirl the biggest grin on my face because I was in heaven (I have a thing for nerdy guys and a bigger thing for food & wine geeks). When they offered me a braised oxtail tartine, they must have seen me flinch, but the offer was so sincere and earnest, I felt almost bad saying no.

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My Favorite Salad Destinations

Da Rosa in Paris.  The Salad Nicoise is like a beautiful little puzzle, where all the parts of a standard Nicoise are separated for you to combine as you like. They use fresh Ventresca tuna, baby gem hearts lettuce and seared red peppers.  The salad is undressed and it truly should stay that way. Txikito in NY – I crave this “Cogollos” Salad. Similar to Da Rosa’s Nicoise but in a simple way. Little Gem Hearts sitting on top of […]

How to Choose and Store

Does organic make a difference? As a rule of thumb, I encourage clients to steer towards the most seasonal, local and organic ingredients because, quite frankly, they taste better than conventional, imported ingredients.  Admittedly, in many cases organics and conventional can be similar. However, with vegetables like lettuce, where water is the main component and soil is integrated into the leaves, organic is definitely your best choice. When you bring the lettuce home, keep it loosely wrapped in a plastic […]

Spring Edition: The Artichoke

It’s May and that means it is Artichoke season. I have a passion for this gorgeous green flower that even I don’t understand. I think it all began when I used to eat them as a kid at my grandmothers house. They were always steamed and served whole with droves of hot Garlic Butter on the side for dipping. I ate every leaf and scraped them clean with my little teeth. When I finally reached the tiny purple leaves inside, […]

Veggie Tip of the Month

I learned of my favorite Veggie tricks from an Italian friend many years ago. Cut ¼ inch piece off the top of a Cucumber. Rub the small piece of the Cucumber on the larger cut portion of the Cucumber several times until white foam starts to form. Wipe the foam off and slice the cucumber. This eliminates any bitterness thus enabling you to leave the skin on to eat it. The skin contains most of the vital nutrients, beta carotene […]