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Veggies for Carnivores, by Lora Krulak



Veggies for Carnivores
Moving Vegetables to the Center of the Plate
by Lora Krulak
Changing Lives Press
September 20, 2012 $21.99

Veggies for Carnivores Blends Tempting Tastes with Seductive Stories

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Sure, Mama always told you to eat your veggies, but Mama’s veggies never tasted like this! In her new book, Veggies for Carnivores TM: Moving Vegetables to the Center of the Plate, author and nutritional muse Lora Krulak takes readers on a culinary adventure to discover how intoxicating, sexy, and delicious vegetables really are.

Drawing on her background as an ICE Culinary Cooking School graduate and an international private nutritional chef and lifestyle coach, as well as her travels to India, Bali, Thailand, Turkey, The Middle East, Australia, and Southern Europe, Krulak shares the recipes and cooking techniques she learned and perfected to help even the most dedicated meat-eater prepare and enjoy vegetable-based dishes . . . without the need to become a vegetarian.

Veggies for Carnivores is for anyone who loves good food and a good story. With Krulak’s guidance, anyone—even the most die-hard carnivore—can take infamously mundane (but healthy) vegetables and turn them into something exotic and sexy.