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Avocados And Toast

A perfectly ripe avocado.

I seriously think that one hasn’t truly experienced an avocado unless it’s been eaten fresh off the tree in Byron Bay, Australia. Growing up in the Midwest, guacamole at “Mexican” restaurants was essentially the only avocado we ate. Occasional holidays in Mexico or Florida offered different tastes of the green fruit, but it wasn’t until I lived in Byron Bay that my taste buds got awakened to something completely different from anything I’d ever tasted before. One day at breakfast my dear friend and Spa Guru Judy Chapman ordered toast with avocado, honey and salt. I must have looked at her cross-eyed as she suddenly asked me what was wrong. I consider myself relatively opened minded but I’d never had avocado for breakfast. Judy offered to share hers with me, and I gladly accepted. The sweetness of the honey combined with the thick crunch of the sea salt and warm toast, which melted the perfectly ripen fruit… well, I must admit it was everything I could do to not fall out of my chair from a mild food-gazem. I was dizzy from worlds of possibility and combinations that opened up in my head as I began furiously writing recipes in my notebook. Since then I think I have eaten at least one avocado a day during season and I crave and miss them when they are not. Sadly I have no tree in my yard but everyone has to have a dream.


Health Benefits Of Avocados

First and foremost, avocados are not fattening. They are filled with GOOD fats. Despite a recent piece in the NY Times by a former boss of mine and fashion icon, Mr. Simon Doonan, I say embrace them and eat them often. The fats in avocado help to lower cholesterol by raising good blood cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar. So if you are in a pinch and have eaten too much sugar, have an avocado – it’s the reason I often serve fruit salad with avocado to clients (and friends of course).

The natural oils in the avocado are superb for poor complexion and also help to make brittle nails stronger as well as strengthen hair follicles. Thus, if you are concerned about your hair or have hair loss, eat more avocados.

Avocados are filled with vitamin C and have twice as much potassium as bananas. Each little oval has approximately 10g of fiber, and trust me, that is substantial. Similar to carrots but perhaps better, they are filled with lutein, which helps maintain healthy eyes.