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The Food Babe Way – The way to eat

After an intense and sweaty yoga class I walked to what used to be “Healthy Pleasures” on Grand and Mercer for a juice and breakfast. Mornings were mostly the same from day to day. I would walk to the carob-smelling shop, order my juice, explore the short aisles of colorful hippy products and begin my self-soothing ritual of label reading.   Mind you this was 2003 and label reading was not “en vogue, au courant.” Suddenly I felt a strong, […]

The Fresh 20 Cookbook Review and Giveaway

This giveaway is AMAZING, so read on; you are NOT going to want to miss it! Sometimes – I take that back – most of the time, the simplest ideas are the best ideas. A few years ago I was at a blogging conference and met a woman named Melissa who truly touched my heart. This lady had it all going on. She is beautiful, quick, grounded, a loving mother of two and when she spoke of her husband, she […]

Bartender or mix-master

The Soho House has always been a refuge for me.  It’s a comfortable spot that feels like a home away from home. I joke that I couldn’t really consider a city home if they didn’t have a Soho House, and when traveling breathe a sigh of relief going through the doors and seeing the familiar wallpaper and lighting fixtures. When I arrived in Miami last December – still a temporary resident – the Soho Beach House Miami branch had just opened. I quickly became a frequent guest and met Chris, the endearing head bartender. When I told him I had only one friend in Miami, he replied, “Now you have two.”

Charming but not a charmer, Chris Hundall has been behind a bar for over ten years. His knowledge, attention to detail and use of pure, real ingredients is inspiring. He’s fascinating to watch.

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A chat with Katy Sparks

I first had the pleasure of meeting Katy Sparks when I was looking for a stage, just out of cooking school. Katy’s restaurant Quilty’s in Soho was well known for seasonal American cooking – enhancing the natural flavors of the freshest ingredients available at the moment. That was a quote from our mutual friend Steven Hall, and this was 1998, the year I walked in her door. So one could never refer to Katy as trendy, and it was no surprise that she was named best new chef in Food and Wine that year.

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Good water and green experts

I’ve never lived in a tropical or sub-tropical climate before but I have definitely been dehydrated and know the feeling well.  Normally an avid an plentiful water drinker, I knew it was time to start drinking more – but I also knew that it was time to investigate the local water and perhaps invest in a very good filter. I had a good above sink filter in NY and a Britta filter in Paris – But are these filters sufficient […]