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A Green Smoothie Formula

I am en route to Jakarta to help create a new chain of juice bars. How fun is that?! The juice and smoothie revolution crossed the pond, swam upstream and landed in SoutheastAsia! I get to be the Nutritional Muse that I am and roll my creative sleeves up and start creating and inspiring. I’d call that a global dream come true. Indonesia is such a special place to me. I spent a lot of time working and living in […]

How To Make Cold Press Coffee

The key to cold press coffee is not to brew it but to filter it. Coffee carries a heavy stigma. I happen to LOVE and adore the sexy smell of coffee brewing in the morning, and often wish I was a coffee drinker. Well, not really. I was a coffee drinker and it ruled my life. I’ll retract that statement and tell you why I did eventually quit coffee and what I don’t like about it: 1) The up and […]

Preventing dehydration with refreshing summer drinks

It’s hot out there and we NEED to drink more water.

Ok, so plain water is not all that exciting, I’m with you – and I am a huge water drinker! And over-drinking can be an issue when you don’t have access to a loo, especially on road trips – not to mention unladylike and uncomfortable to wiggle in my seat or sit on my heel for who knows how many miles. I’ll take the train, thank you. My point is, just drink! BUT Dehydration has odd effects on our bodies…

Egg Nog Lattes

I love the holiday season. Though the warm Florida sunshine doesn’t bellow that the Christmas season is upon us, it’s the sudden flood of tourists, the Christmas music on the radio and the arrival of the Starbucks Egg Nog Latte that say it best. I thought a lot about the Egg Nog Lattes this year. I’m often drawn to order the Latte but never have and most likely never will. I’ve always wanted to like Egg Nog, as it sounds […]

Bartender or mix-master

The Soho House has always been a refuge for me.  It’s a comfortable spot that feels like a home away from home. I joke that I couldn’t really consider a city home if they didn’t have a Soho House, and when traveling breathe a sigh of relief going through the doors and seeing the familiar wallpaper and lighting fixtures. When I arrived in Miami last December – still a temporary resident – the Soho Beach House Miami branch had just opened. I quickly became a frequent guest and met Chris, the endearing head bartender. When I told him I had only one friend in Miami, he replied, “Now you have two.”

Charming but not a charmer, Chris Hundall has been behind a bar for over ten years. His knowledge, attention to detail and use of pure, real ingredients is inspiring. He’s fascinating to watch.

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A cooler and wiser iced tea

Tea and coffee are easy ways to engage and embrace a foreign culture. I’ve always found that when invited for one or the other, I’m able to snatch a vivid glimpse into what’s more than just a caffeine fix. For example, in India, being offered a short cup of sweet-spicy-milky tea in the late afternoon, with the sun belting down and the temperature well over 90, made me begin to understand how spices and hot drinks can be medicinal and […]

Mid-Winter Tanning

I met my friend Frances for tea the other day. Frances is an accomplished author and media expert, works hard, practices a lot of yoga, is a lacto-vegetarian, eats pretty well… and did I mention how zealous she is about work?  The first thing she said to me was, “You’re so tan and look so healthy. Look at me – I’m translucent!” Spending the better part of the winter in Miami has made me forget how pasty pale one can […]

How to Make a Green Smoothie

green smoothies all in a row...

I have happy places and happy things. Happy places are my shortlist of go-to spots that perk me up when a little perk is needed. Whole Foods, the Soho House, yoga class with my teacher Lara Brunn, an impressive farmers market, the sea, my mother’s sofa are a few. Happy things are the same, just in “stuff” form: my Vespa, a green smoothie, avocados with sea salt, artichokes in any form,. When the two converge, well, that’s just a little slice […]

New Years thoughts, lists and potions…

Two cute guys recently asked if I make new years resolutions. I quickly replied “never.” But this is not entirely true. Although I don’t make resolutions I do make wish lists, or list of things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. The lists typically stay private – I read them only at the end of the year to see what came true, or what I need to carry over, or what was just silly to begin with. As […]

Living a Total Re-Set

The Icy Lacuma-Cacao Smoothie - perfectly light and sweet satisfying snack!

Icy Lacuma-Cacao Smoothie. I often get asked what it is I do. It’s a good question in that I do a lot of things. I make people healthy and I do this in many ways. One of the ways that I do this is I create custom programs for my clients with menus and recipes. Sometimes I go on-site, spend some time with my client and cook the meals and literally make the program come to life. I love this […]