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The benefits of chia and chia parfait

I was SUPER glum, gloomy and facing a HUGE brick wall this morning. I could have tattooed the word UNINSPIRED on my forehead and gone back to bed. Do you know the feeling? Not only that, but I felt flu-ish on top of it. Blah! I do have a LONG list of tricks that normally pull me out of a rut, but for some reason all I wanted to do was mope. I guess that was the biggest motivator to turn to the […]

Salty Corn and a Karate Master

I love French Expats. My friend Leeanne and I met a friend-of-a-friend for dinner. A Southern French five-time black belt Karate Master and financial genius been living in Miami for about a decade. But like most French expats, despite his years abroad, his accent and affect remain tightly intact. We met at a favorite restaurant of mine called Michael’s in Miami’s Design District. Michael’s is known for their use of locally grown foods, as organic as possible. It is, however, […]

My Mothers Version of a Bake Sale

It’s normal for kids to be embarrassed by their mothers. I see the same look as I used to have in the eyes of my friends’ kids and I know that they are the most fabulous hot-to-trot mothers around. They are my fiends after all!  Of course, I was mortified and often embarrassed by my mother. Despite her statuesque beauty, magnetic personality and constant, current striking sense of style (on her size 4, 5’10” body). She was the original yummy […]

Gluten Free Banana Muffins

It’s taken 2 years, 3 continents, 6 hotels, 5 apartments, countless transcontinental flights, something about a wedding, something about a TV show, 1 visa, 1 red list, several lawyers enormous amounts of luck, love, the best friends, lots of family,  and a very good sense of humor, to find myself in the place I am now. I never thought I’d live in Miami but I’m here and it feels right so I’m going with it. I’ve lived in stranger places […]

Spicy Chocolate Fondant and a Cyber-crush

My friend  has a cyber-crush. This must be a common occurrence these days, with Facebook, Twitter and all the social networking we do. It’s so easy to develop a relationship with someone you’ve never met, or perhaps not even spoken to. One afternoon she and I were chatting about food, recipes and recipe re-creating, as we often do, and she was telling me about her crush. Then she posed an interesting question: If you sort of know someone, but don’t […]

Lacuma tastes like cookie dough, but it’s not…

I can become mildly obsessive about a new ingredient. I will eat it every day, and this can last for months, even years. I ate the same artichoke purée with fennel and celery slices for lunch almost every day for two years! Lacuma powder has been one of these. I bring it with me almost everywhere and experiment by adding it to just about anything, to see how it blends. Lacuma, a South American fruit of Andean origin, is sold […]

Living a Total Re-Set

The Icy Lacuma-Cacao Smoothie - perfectly light and sweet satisfying snack!

Icy Lacuma-Cacao Smoothie. I often get asked what it is I do. It’s a good question in that I do a lot of things. I make people healthy and I do this in many ways. One of the ways that I do this is I create custom programs for my clients with menus and recipes. Sometimes I go on-site, spend some time with my client and cook the meals and literally make the program come to life. I love this […]

Missing Paris, Missing Carrot Cake

I have been in Miami one week now and I miss Paris. Miami is lovely but it is not Paris. I miss so many things about Paris it would be silly to start listing them but one thing I am craving is Rose Bakery. If I ever was to open a café, Rose Bakery would be my role model. I took my friend Pierre there once and his comment was “zis is so bobo” (bohemian-bourgeois). In fact, it is. But […]

A Different Type of Pumpkin Pie

Gluten-Free-refined sugar free pumpkin pie? Yes! And it’s SO good that even my toughest critics (my brothers) like it!  This is one of the very first recipe re-creations I ever created I literally just made it up as I went along using whatever gluten free non-refined sugar things I could find. The goat milk was also a guess. True it is a strange flavor and it is not for everyone, but I happen to like the tanginess of the goat […]