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The Food Babe Way – The way to eat

After an intense and sweaty yoga class I walked to what used to be “Healthy Pleasures” on Grand and Mercer for a juice and breakfast. Mornings were mostly the same from day to day. I would walk to the carob-smelling shop, order my juice, explore the short aisles of colorful hippy products and begin my self-soothing ritual of label reading.   Mind you this was 2003 and label reading was not “en vogue, au courant.” Suddenly I felt a strong, […]

Book Review: Veggies for Carnivores

March 12, 2013 in Book Review by Sandra Kohlmann When I was contacted to review Lora Krulak’s book, Veggies for Carnivores, I was immediately interested. My approach, as a vegan cook and baker, is to show everyone that veg food approachable and delicious, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or an omnivore. With a title like Veggies for Carnivores, and the tagline “Moving Vegetables to the Center of the Plate,” I was pretty sure I’d like the book. I was right. […]

Cookbook Review: Veggies For Carnivores

I recently had the opportunity to review a wonderful new cookbook called “Veggies For Carnivores: Moving Vegetables To The Center Of The Plate” by Lora Krulak, published by Changing Lives Press.  I was excited by the name being a vegan mama married to a carnivorous man.  Her cookbook was not intended for vegetarians or vegans but was created to bring vegetables to the forefront and make every meal more nutritious.  Now that I like! Krulak incorporates all of her worldly […]

She Sugar, review for Veggies For Carnivores

Veggies for Carnivores, a new cookbook by chef and lifestyle coach Lora Krulak is waiting to grace your kitchen.   Chef Krulak has known food intolerances herself.  Wheat, dairy and refined sugars are not common practice in her cooking but you won’t even know they are missing.  I personally appreciate her creations because they are vegetarian, naturally gluten free and have a low glycemic index. These ethnic dishes with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices meld together quickly and tastefully.  Base ingredients include: […]

Food Babe Beet root french fries

Did Lora Krulak, the author, unlock the secret to turning veggie haters into veggie lovers? Food Babe investigates.

LivingMaxwell reviews “Veggies for Carnivores”

When I go to the supermarket, my absolute favorite place to shop, look, and browse is the vegetable section. I am captivated by the bright colors, fascinating shapes, and wide variety of flavors from the vast array of these plant-based foods. Even though I could take many of the beautiful vegetables that catch my eye and throw them into the juicer, I know that they could be put to use in many other ways. And that is precisely why Veggies […]

Fridge Scrapings reviews “Veggies for Carnivores”

  A recipe book encouraging carnivores to eat veggies?  Not the kind of thing you’d expect to see on Fridge Scrapings, right?  It’s not like I need much encouragement to get my fill of greens. MY vegetable intake aside, when approached to do a review of this book, I was pretty interested in getting my hands on a copy.  Convincing Viper to chomp through a huge bowl of steamed greens is not really the easiest thing to do, and I […]

Good Food Stories reviews “Veggies for Carnivores”

  Self-titled vegetable expert and dietary problem solver Lora Krulak (who shared her recipe for Dragon’s Breath with Good. Food. Stories. back in January) takes nutrition seriously. But not once did I ever feel like she was preaching to me as I devoured her new cookbook,Veggies for Carnivores. Lora’s the definition of a globe-trotter—having lived and traveled in Tel Aviv, Paris, New Delhi, Rome, Bali, and Byron Bay, she’s no stranger to international flavors—and her adventurous spirit is the guiding principle of Veggies for Carnivores. […]

Stephanie O’Dea reviews “Veggies for Carnivores”

Alright.  I’m coming clean.  I don’t like to admit this, but it’s totally true. I don’t really like vegetables. There.  I’ve gone and said it. Oh, there are certain vegetables I do like.  Roasted butternut squash or acorn squash, fresh-steamed green beans, corn-on-the-cob.  Really, that’s about it.  I force myself to eat other veggies because I know that they are good for me.  Do they take a starring role on my dinner plate?  Nope.  That space is usually dedicated to […]

Small Kitchen College reviews “Veggies for Carnivores”

Lora Krulak is a vegetable expert and nutritional muse who embraces a veggie-centric lifestyle. She gathered her recipes while traveling around the world and her professional background includes training at the ICE Culinary Cooking School. I was lucky enough to review Lora about her awesome new cookbook, Veggies for Carnivores. I was also able to ask her more questions specifically directed at college students and recent grads. Lora uses a combination of coconut oil and olive oil in her recipes. […]