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The benefits of chia and chia parfait

I was SUPER glum, gloomy and facing a HUGE brick wall this morning. I could have tattooed the word UNINSPIRED on my forehead and gone back to bed. Do you know the feeling? Not only that, but I felt flu-ish on top of it. Blah! I do have a LONG list of tricks that normally pull me out of a rut, but for some reason all I wanted to do was mope. I guess that was the biggest motivator to turn to the […]

To Vegas And Back and Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

Vegas is an odd place. I’ve been there a few times and always had a fantastic time—for a few days. To me, Vegas is about as American as we can get. Why go to Paris when you can see the Eiffel Tower, have a huge, complimentary breakfast, walk across the street to pop by Lady Liberty, and then have margaritas at mid-day while you play a few slots. My BFF Suzanne’s Vegas experience is very different from mine. In her new book, To Vegas […]

Gluten free butternut squash mac and cheese

When I was about  eight or nine years old, my favorite night was Saturday. My mother was going “out” and she made me Kraft mac and cheese with carrot sticks for dinner. No one could make it like my mother could, and I got upset when anyone else tried.  They just didn’t do it right. It was too milky or too dry. I look back on it now and, of course, know what the secret ingredient was—it was love. Despite […]

Kale Salads and Not Blogging

As anyone involved with social media can attest, daily experiences aren’t just daily experiences anymore. They’re experiences to be tweeted, blogged or pinned immediately, which lends new meaning to the notion of living in the moment. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about all this as I participate in this world, and often find myself saying, “Shoot, I should have tweeted that,” or having my dining companion say to me, “Shouldn’t you be blogging about this?” And then feeling […]

Hampton Guys and artichokes

There is something about a real Hampton Guy, especially in cold months that I find very sexy and very comforting. They eer on the nerdy side in their crew neck sweaters, not-so-warn jeans and very practical shoes that most likely cost more than they care to admit. I met my dear friend Eric, avid foodie, when I was back in Manhattan a few weeks ago, and he was sitting at the bar with several of his ‘Hampton” friends. He looked out of place in his crisp white shirt and tie, as he had just come from the office. His friends were all food & wine guys, all very into what they were eating and drinking and I was like a little schoolgirl the biggest grin on my face because I was in heaven (I have a thing for nerdy guys and a bigger thing for food & wine geeks). When they offered me a braised oxtail tartine, they must have seen me flinch, but the offer was so sincere and earnest, I felt almost bad saying no.

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Another Type of Risotto

I have been asked a lot lately what program I recommend to my clients. I can’t really answer that, since all programs are custom creations. However, there are a few things that hold true for all of the cleanses, all of the programs and all of the recipes. I am a firm believer in a veggie-centric regime, gluten free grains and unrefined sugar. Gluten free does not mean “no carbs.” In fact, carbohydrates are necessary and very good for us. […]